Advice on injury please

Morning all

I'm doing a half mara on Sunday. Training has not gone according to plan and I'm a little underprepared, but think I will be OK.

Was going to do my last short run tonight just to keep my legs fresh, but last night I managed to really badly bruise my leg above the knee on the muscle on the outside of the leg. It's swollen and purple and hurts a little when I put weight on/bend the leg.

Should I run, or just rest and recover?

Thanks! Linds


  • See how it goes, but if its still swollen it may be better to miss the race.  

  • Eek - hadn't even thought about that. My question was about missing my last training run this evening. image

  • Sorry, I must have mis-read your original post and thought the bruising is much worse than it really is image

    I wouldn't train tonight, the week before is just to keep you ticking over and you won't be able to improve your performance via tonight's training session.  So you'll get more beneift from resting your knee.  

  • Thanks, I think I will follow your advice.


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