I think this jersey is a bargain

I started running in Spring so I do not own a bunch of cold weather gear. I bought a full sleeve jersey recently and absolutely love it. It's a real bargain too imho. Sharing this in case anyone else wants one:


The photo's do not do the Vizi Pro version justice. I almost did not order due to the colour but Wiggle do have a good returns policy so I took a chance. The colour is actually very nice and I far prefer it to flouro yello and puke lime green which high viz stuff often comes in. 


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi Tortuga, It's a shame considering your recommendation that they only have large/extra large available (and they've not got a lot of the stock left (red is already sold out)).

    What is the arm sizing like? how far does it come down on your wrists/hands? Would you need to wear longer gloves to cover the gap or is it a decent length?

  • Hi Emmy, I bought the Vizi Pro in Large. It is listed as a men's top on other websites but if you do want a small one then play.com seem to have it available in blue. For me though one of the good things about the top is the vizi pro colour. I don't want to get run over. It also comes with this little USB LED that clips in to a little pocket on the sleeve although that seems to be a bit of a gimmick to me. 

    The sleeve is exactly perfect on me. It is not as long as in the pictures. It just covers the knuckle of my wrist which means it covers my Garmin watch too (that is what I wanted as I have read a lot of people have failed Garmins after running in the rain even though they are supposed to be waterproof).

  • Tortuga, Thanks for the review, delighted to hear that you like the Drylete ViZi-PRO.


    Emmy_H - the good news is that Wiggle have more coming in the next few days.  There should be ViZi-PRO and other colour options, I'll come back and confirm when I have more details.

  • I was given one at Christmas from my wife and love it so much I just bought a second one as it was half price. They're both the vizi-pro colour, which I like.

    I've found it's the most comfortable jersey I own and seems well matched to wide temperature range.

    I now face a dilemma - do I tell her I bought another one because I liked it, or just keep it quiet and wash them in rotation image.....


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