Sports Bra - Do they need to be run in?

I heard a rip whilst running today. It wasn't me but my Sports Bra. Now have a HM coming up in just over 2 weeks should I get a new one or stick with the old one and sew up the rip?

It is near the fasteners and is in the fabric of the bra rather than the thicker more structural type bits if that makes sense.

And had I not heard the rip I wouldn't have noticed ant difference in support level. It is definitely on the way out as on last hooks though.

Thanks in advance.



  • i would get a new one and wear it a couple of times just to make sure it doesn't rub.............if you do sew up this one then I would wear it a couple of times to check it doesn't rub where its sewn


  • New one! image
  • Damn I hate bra shopping! Reckon it will be even worse now as my back was narrow but will no doubt be narrower now due to the running!


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