Hi Guys

I know the answer will literally be 'get your gait checked' but i was wandering if this is actually possible.

I've been running seriously (well my seriously anyway) for a year now when i started marathon training last year. All has gone reasonably well until April this year when i got a groin strain and a mis-aligned pelvis. Physio sorted me out but i had done a bit of researching as well ie improving your cadence for less injuries.

I did improve my cadence upto 180 and it made the world of difference, i normally get no issues now. Except for about 4 weeks ago.. i had a slightly tight hamstring but went for a run anyway and i must've unconsciously altered my running style as the next couple of days my calves were killing me! But i had an amazing run. Since then i have noticed that my cadence has gone up even more (calfs still hurt) but my running has improved a lot. My lsr's have all been at about 10 m/m up til nowish but last sunday i averaged 9'15 and my splits were very precise (possibly a freak phenomen) I had done 8.5 miles but if i hadn't done my last mile sprint finish i really felt i could've gone on.

So my question is...could i have moved over to mid-strike that easily and quickly, it seems very doubtful to me but something has happened??  My foot does feel flatter when i hit the ground (i think) and my calfs although don't ache anymore after the run for the first couple of miles they do protest a little.

Any theories?

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