Another Knee Pain Question...

There seem to be a lot of posts with a similar theme, but none quite sound like my issue…

I’m currently training for a 50k trail run at the end of October and have ongoing issues with tightness in my right leg (quads, hamstring, glutes) which gives me knee soreness (aching & stiffness, nothing too dramatic) on my outer knee above the knee cap. I try to manage this with strength exercises, stretching, foam roller etc. as suggested by a physio a few months back. It has been getting better despite increases in mileage.

However, in the last week this has turned into a different type of pain, same knee on the outside but below the knee cap. It’s more of a shooting pain at seemingly random points but gets worse the further or faster I run… not good in advance of the Ealing Half Marathon on Sunday!

I'll go and see a physio at some stage but does anyone have any ideas on what this sounds like or advice on short term solutions? Taping? Different stretches? 



  • It all sounds like patellofemoral pain or anterior knee pain (same thing) to me. This causes pain anywhere around the kneecap and front of the knee. Typically aching and poorly localised, but can also cause sharper, shooting pains.

    Is the pain/aching worse after exercise or the day after? Do you get any problems walking downhill or stairs? This is a common complaint.

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