"Why do parents let their kids get fat?"



  • killermiles wrote (see)

    Nutritionists recommend 1800 cals for kids, but probably a healthy level should be below that, such as 1500. Ideally its better to be underweight, lean and sinewy, than a flabby mess, being useless at sports and general coolness.

    Fat kids at school always got picked on. Us skinny lot just got through life, being good at sports, able to do anything and having lean bodies for the girls to oogle.



    Killermiles - all this stuff is in your head.

    Studies have shown women trying to concieve have a better chance of doing so if they are slightly overweight rather than underweight. That rather goes against what you have said wouldn't you agree?

    Since when does being skinny equate to being good at sports? Does the name Tessa Sanderson not mean anything to you? or Alan Wells? Steve Backley? Chris Hoy?

    It's "Ogle" not "oogle" and I'm pretty sure most girls looking at you are wondering if you're ill, not thinking how cool you look.

    And the stuff about your dad's eyesight being reated to his weight is b*llocks - only diabetics risk problems with their eyesight, otherwise it's a result of ageing and genetics.  

  • Agreed, (boys) men need to have some flesh on them to be attractive, and slighly ripped to boot. Same for girls (women), something about those nice round curves. Can't stand skinny wenches.

    I always thought the skinny kids at school were poor and under fed. Sorry about the tarnishing and sterotyping. I was only a kid myself.



  • Tessa Sanderson? Spear chucking isn't a sport in the same "sense" (obviously it's a sport da da!) as running which is what killermiles was alluding too.

  • very few sportmen as extremely thin though are they.and yes throwing javelin takes skill and strength and technique.............

    you could find many muscular sports people..........so few extremely underweight ones

    and in school they were considered the weedy ill ones....never much good at sports.......killermiles....i think you have changed your memories to fit in with your ideal worldimage





  • Not my ideal world, but generally thinner kids have lower risk of heart disease and diabeties. 

  • I hadn't realised kids were at risk from heart disease
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