My first speed session

I've just completed my first speed session which was 4x1mile. I thought that I could manage decent times but I came in as follows:-
1x 6.38 then 1x 6.48 and then 1x 7.02 and the last one in 7.15, all with 400 metres rests. How on earth can people break 4 minutes for a mile! My goal plan is to vary the speed training and see how I get on after a month. My aim is to be a lot faster over a mile and then hopefully my 10k time will drop which is a pb of 43.40 just now. Anyone else obsessed with the golden mile?


  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi Al,
    I think I'm right in saying that you should aim to do your last mile rep at the same speed or no less than 5secs slower than your first. It might help to begin with to have a longer recovery, gradually reducing this as you get stronger at keeping a consistent mile pace. Being able to run 1 mile fast will not bring down 10k times. You need to be able to maintain the pace for 6 miles.

    My pb for 10k is 42 something and I do my mile reps in 6.30-6.36, where I always aim to keep my last one as fast as my first. My recovery at the moment is 3mins, but I will bring that down gradually over 6-8 weeks while maintaining the mile pace.

    Good luck with your goal!
  • Cheers hilly,
    Thanks for the advice. I think I'll try maintaining 7 minutes per mile and see if I can keep that going for 4 reps before I cough my lungs up! At our club we have been having a wee 5k series and I've been completing the course between 20.15 and 20.44. My inspiration for trying to get faster is because these races are handicapped and based on your last 10k time, which results in me being passed like I'm standing still towards the end. Hopefully I can get a lot faster if I can keep the speed work going.
    Thanks AL
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    AL, your 5k time is very good and I'm sure your 10k will improve with any kind of speed work.

    We also have a club handicap series which is slightly less than 5k. I know what it feels like when all the 'speed snakes' fly past in the last part of the run. Keep up the good work!
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