running vests

be interested what members of other clubs recommend for the manufacturer of their clubs vests, cost versus quality versus value for money




  • I've got 3 Vigas and 3 Ronhills, they've had varying amounts of use but I don't think one brand is wearing out faster than the other. And they're all from different clubs, so I paid different amounts for them - couldn't comment on the actual purchase cost for the clubs, but it can't be enormous.

  • Yes got a Viga one and like the feel but it suits the beanpole runner, ie me but not the chunky monkey

  • Hmm, you're right there. Ronhills do fit better and are more true to size. Forgot about that.

  • our club gear is made by wasp - they do custom stuff as well (I know because my other half bought me a custom made club crop top for my birthday!):

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