Why are some runners so ignorant ?



  • image There wasnt an explanation on the back for when people were asking what it means

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    I punch people in the face as I run past them, it's good cross training.


    carterusm wrote (see)

    I've just got back from a run where I passed a man and a woman wearing a Hi CarterUSM running shirt each. Imagine my delight.....

    I had a good giggle at those.

    I only say hello if I'm in the middle of nowhere in inclement weather and the other runner doesn't look like a sex offender.

  • Recently I ran a bizarre 11 miles round a 0.6 mile loop - there was someone out walking round the same loop for an hour of it - we must have passed each other about 40 - 50 times - at the start we said good morning, then we regressed to just smiling and nods, then we progressed to a couple of bizarre conversations with about 2 mins between them, then we regressed completely to ignoring each other.image 

    Perhaps if the conversations had gone better............???


  • @Skinny Fetish Fan - you should have got yourself a Hi CarterUSM running shirt, that would have negated the need for conversation during those last few laps. A simple point to your chest would have done the trick. To place your order go to www.colin.mclaughlin.co.uk/runningshirts/hicarterusm/order

  • lol

  • image
  • For me it depends on what run I'm on.a quick 5k and I'm smiles and sunshine when on a big run after 10+ miles ur getting nowt back x its head down and slog out time. Blackpool and fleetwoods always friendly though especially when the trams along side u. loads of encouragement and waves.
  • in response to the OP's initial question: because in the Venn diagram of "runners" and "ignorant people" there is an intersect.

  • I wish I had more time to look at this forum properly and engage with y'all. There's some cracking comedy comments right up the street of my sense of humour!

    Incidentally if I'm working in London I run Tower Bridge to Waterloo most mornings around 7am, and acknowledge/ wave/ greet most people I pass. I'm tattooed neck to hands and most of my legs with grease back hair so you probably jus too inconspicuous for anyone to realize...

  • @troy - looking like you do I think I would ignore you !! You have greased back hair on your legs ??

    @colinmclaughlin - can you get a special running shirt made for troy ?
  • I run regularly with my dog and also used to work at the local secondary school. As such I see people I would always chat to on my dog walk, kids from school and ex co-workers. I always nod/wave/smile etc but soooo many want to stop and chat and I love being friendly but now feel rude when I shout 'can't stop' as I go past! But I always acknowledge people and most runners here do the same but there is definitely the odd misery out there!!!

    I still continue to acknowledge them each time I see them as one day I will make them 'break'. They must think 'oh god it's the mad one with the dog!!!' image
  • It would probably be simplest if troy gets HI CARTERUSM tattooed across his forehead.

  • One thing that grinds my gears is a fellow runner who doesn't acknowledge you, where's the politeness? I'm a 'lone wolf' as I'm a lorry driver who sleeps in his cab all week (yes you've seen us on Eddie Stobart Trucks and Trailers and we're called 'trampers') but there's nothing better than sharing an 'alright mate' or 'hiya love' (I'm a northerner) whilst out. Most polite runners I've experienced are from Dunstable, pat on the back for you guys.

  • When out cycling, other cyclists always let on and nod etc. When out running it appears there is a 'no eye contact' rule. I can only conclude cyclists are friendlier than runners. Or maybe runners are to knackered to be bothered with friendly gestures? Or perhaps people prefer the look of me with my ridiculous helmet on?

  • carterusm... Yeah man I grease my leg hair back for aerodynamics... Iess irritation than the grow back from shaving/ waxing ya know?!


  • Jollie I wish my dog would run with me... She's a lazy ol' staffie & I've tried so many times but she jus sits her arse down and looks at me like i'm mental. Running her on the lead she digs her feet in and I have to drag her, good resistance training but I would probably get arrested for cruelty after half a mile...

    It's an excuse i'm trying to use to get a cane corso...

  • Troy - when I first started running with mine (a German shorthaired pointer) he would go and be sick near the back door. I was never sure if it was the run he didn't like - he loved his 'walks and games' or the sight of me in my ron hills!!!image

    Perseverance and me not having the time to do an hours walk with him and then a run after meant he had no option - now he loves it!!

    Keep trying - dogs are just like humans - they love everything their own way and although they love a good walk, even my energetic breed is a secret couch potato and loves nothing but curling up in the warm!

    Don't like to admit I didn't have a clue what a cane corso is ( don't you just love Google) - that's not a dog it's a beast!!! I really don't think you'll get many runners acknowledging you with that monster on a lead!! You might get a few choice words if its off leadimage
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