TI weekend course

I am thinking of doing a TI weekend course, but was wondering if anyone has done one? Is it worth the cost? It isn't too far to travel but I am thinking it could be what I need.


  • What is it?

  • total immersion - swimming

  • heard about it but not done one before. if it makes you swim like this it might be worth it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJpFVvho0o4 makes it looks soooo easy.

  • I did one but it didn't help me. I know Wild Will took one and he swears by it, so I guess it's just whether or not it suits you and also how good the instructor is.

  • I did the weekend course and it helped me develop an easier more controlled style with more focus on balance in and feel of the water. I can now swim long distance without being 'out of puff' where 500m used to leave me gasping


    I dont do all the drills etc ... for me it was more a principles / concept learning journey 

    and as IW says it is not for everyone

  • thanks Wildwill

  • Not been on a TI course, but I've read up on it, and got myself a book, and have spent the last couple of weeks putting it into practice. IT IS WONDERFUL!!!! I've gone from dying after 2 lengths of front crawl to today's hour non-stop (56 lengths!) entirely FC.  I'm still going to go to a stroke-improving session, but I reackon you can make a pretty good start yourself. So, I love TI, but not absolutely certain whether a weekend course is necessary.

  • I did a series of about 8 TI lessons of 1 hour each, and went from pretty much non-swimmer to swimming 2 miles in about 10 weeks. Never did much for my speed and I could probably do with going back for another course of lessons. I reckon the weekend one would be great.

    I'd second what WW said about control and balance.

  • ok, I reckon it would be good. It certainly won't make my swimming worse, or slower. Last Sunday I did a pool tri and I remember watching the people in the pool thinking 'do I move that slowly?'. Well, someone in my tri club did a few little videos on her phone through the day of the people there, and yep, I move that slowly!

  • I enjoyed the TI weekend I did but it basically deconstructed my FC and then didn't quite put it back together properly.....I got considerably slower afterwards and couldn't speed up! Couldn't work out what exactly I'd changed!
  • Yes, K9, that's pretty much what happened to me.

  • argh, don't want to get slower!

    I spoke to the coach at my tri club about it, and she suggested doing a swim smooth weekend course - it is only one day so works out at half the cost, and is closer, so I think I'll try that one first. Got to wait till January though!

  • Hi mathschick.  I did a weekend course and it helped a bit but to be honest not as much as I'd hoped.  I think it depends on how good your swimming already is, in other words if you just want to improve a bit but already have a half decent stroke you get more out of it.  The first day was great, but on the second day I couldn't get the drills right. This is apparently a common complaint. I've since had some 1:1 lessons in and endless pool on TI which cost a fortune but its been much better.  You are very limited what you can learn in a weekend and it needs a longer period to really grasp TI techniques. 

    don't know where you live but I went to swim solutions near Windsor and plan to go back soon for a top-up,.

    Good luck


  • thanks SD - windosr is a bit far - I live in Notts. I have booked onto a swim smooth day, it isn't till January though, so a bit of a wait, might get the dvds before then. I'll see how that is, I know they have a weekly swim sqad, but it is about an hour's drive - a bit much for a regular weekday evening, but ok for a one-off.

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