Beginners doing New York Marathon


I'm doing my first ever marathon in just over a month in New York and am trying desperately not to freak out at the enormity or what I've taken on. Are there any other beginners in central London who are doing it too and wanted a running partner? I must confess however to being a pretty slow runner... image



  • Hi Veronica,

    I'm travelling from Devon to do the NY this year - I did the London Marathon last year, so I have an idea what to expect. You're probably finding it quite hard to imagine yourself actually getting through the race but you will. Adrenaline and sheer determination will get you there. You've got to believe you can do it!

    Good luck!

    Lorraine image 

  • Im not running it Veronica but I just wanted to say good luck - one day I hope to be running the same course. Lorraine is right - you WILL do it and you WILL love it....


    Good luck to you both


  • Take warm clothing. It's an incredible amount of sitting around waiting. Last year when i arrived in NY it was snowing, thankfully not so cold on race day. But it's a very early start and there's lots of hanging about, so be prepared with lots of chuckable clothing. Enjoy.

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