Record number of London Marathon rejections

Given the arrival of todays "sorry" magazine from London Marathon, I believe I am now on 15 rejections and zero acceptances for the event over the past 20 or so years. Can anyone beat that!?


  • Danny, that's so unfair. The most I've heard of is 9 x


  • Didn't they do a 5 rejections and you're in back in the old days?
  • If you've had fifteen rejections in twenty years, you must have been eligible for a guaranteed place at least once, surely?

    The old five rejections in a row thing?

  • My 6 rejections is feeble, I bow in deference to greatness.

  • sounds like you were silly and forgot to keep the run going or you would have had 3 runs in that symphathy for poor management skills to keep the entries goingimage

  • Seren Nos - note it was 15 years in 20 years or so - thus I didnt enter every year. And yes, they were forced to give me one entry after 5 years continuous rejection (a rule that has since been abandoned i believe). However, the fact remains - 15 attempts and zero ballot acceptances. Random??

  • impressive....I've lost count but I think it's 6 or 7 now. They finally did have to let me in..but without the 5 year rule, there is now no hope.

    Next year....going to change my time drastically, and profession, can't make up my mind between erotica writer, oil rig worker or zoologist specializing in blind mexican penguins. 

    I will keep entering just to see how long it will take...2020 will be my year, I just know it! 

  • Daisy oil rig worker doesn't work believe me. I am going to go for blind llama therapist next time (seems like penguins are spoken for!)
  • So my 5 years of "not entering this stoopid race in the first place" record doesnt count either?

  • I'm only on two, so I think I will just give up now. Either that or I will become a celeb and get in anyway... Just haven't the heart to waste any more time hoping for something that just ain't going to happen... And I don't have the heart to try for a 'charity' place that I don't believe in.

    I find it very hard to believe that the 'ballot' is truly random, or even fair.

    And it's boring listening to people say.. 'There is always next year, or 'there are other marathons'... My answer is how do you know?, and no there is only one London marathon.

    Off to eat an entire pack of chocolate biscuits and see how fast I can put 2 stone back on!!,
  • I've had 7 rejections now image Got in on the 5 rejection rule in 2011.
  • snap tracey..........never got in throught the ballot......but havwe done it so don't really care anymore for it..............i didn't enter this year.first time i havwen't entered

  • Danny, assuming a 1 in 5 chance of getting in each time, you  would expect about 3% of people who applied 15 times to have no positive outcomes.

    If the chances each time are actually lower that percentage will increase.

    Unfortunate, but not unbeleivable. Sorry. Matt

  • i'm only on three, so have a way to go.

    i might just get much quicker out of spite and get myself a GFA place. That'll learn 'em.

  • Wayne.allen, how can you say that the ballot is being unfair to you? You have only entered it twice. You are in effect entering a lottery with approximate odds of 6 - 1. So the odds are already not in your favour. By entering twice the odds are still not in your favour. I can sympathise with the people who have entered 5 or 6 times and not got in. That does seem unfair although it's more likely just bad luck.

    If you are desperate to run it in future you could go for a club place, Good For Age or even a Chanpionship place. Don't just "Give Up"
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