Windsor Half Marathon

I was hoping to set a new personal best at the Windsor Half Marathon in a week and half's time but I see the rating in Runner's World is only 48% for the ability to achieve a personal best.  I am not sure if this is just based upon the hills or whether it is other factors (it looks pretty congested in the pictures?).  The good news is that the only other half-Marathon I have done is Wycombe which has a brutal first hill and then undulates.  How tough is the course - should I forget the PB and make it a long training run?  If anyone out there has done both it would be great to know if I should be pacing myself faster or slower than Wycombe (I did Wycombe in 1:32).




  • Hi Hywel,

    Windsor is 'unique' in that it has a much later start time so it can be hot (26c last year) which really can take its toll. But as it is being run later this year and my window is telling me heat shouldn't be a factor but might explain some people's lack of PBs.

    The course is as they put it undulating but looking at the stats about the same as Wycombe.

    It does get a bit congested but less so when you are a 1:30 runner just make sure you line up acordingly (they have banners).

    Anyway good luck next weekend hope you break the 1:30!


  • very helpful 



  • followed your advice - lined up nice and early.  Zero congestion - came in under 1:29.





  • Congratulations on your great time!

    Was a really nice run, cool to start and the sun coming out for the finish, more so by the time I made it back! (1:49)  Hope to get some more running miles in my legs for next year to start a bit further up and get less congestion - I'm far too polite at barging through!

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