Advice needed for HM training schedule

Some details about me: 27yr old male, 180cm, 76kg. Very little recent running or endurance training so I'm out of fitness, but a fair amount of training and experience in my teens so I know what it feels like to be fit and have the psychological advantage of having done this before. I ran a half marathon aged 17, my time was 1:34:00.

I've entered a HM in February, my target is 1:30:00.

I am following this training:

page 4, intermediate training.

To run 1:30 I'll need to run 4:15 mins per km. What I'd like to know is:

how many minutes per km should I be running for each run? How many mins/km for





Should the quality be quicker than 4:15 so I can comfortably do 4:15 come race time? Or exactly at 4:15? How quick should the long run be (I've no idea where to even start applying common sense to that)? And the hard run should hilly I realise but roughly how quick?

I want to make sure my training is hard enough to reach 1:30 come race day but not sure what "hard enough" means with respect to the above training.

Many thanks in advance for your words of wisdom!


  • Have you tried McMillan calculator?

    This gives you training paces and might help.
  • It's more about what you are capable of now, not what speed you would like to run.

    Don't start off training as if you can already run your target.

    What's your most recent race performance?

  • I don't have a recent race performance. I did a 10k training run yesterday and did it very comfortably in 50mins.

    The McMillan calculator (thanks for that, didn't know it existed) says if I can currently run a 1:45:00 HM (I just made that up) and am aiming for 1:30:00, I should be running 5:15/km for long runs and 4:42/km for tempo runs. This seems really slow? Especially if I'll have to maintain a steady 4:15/km on race day in order to achieve 1:30:00?

  • Hi Phil

    I'm running a HM in November and I'm aiming for a 1:28. I recently ran just under 40 minutes for a 10k to give you an idea of shorter distance times needed.

    I would say 5 - 5:15/km sounds reasonable for long runs. For tempo runs you should be looking at around 4:20ish I would say for at least 4 miles.

    However I would echo the above that you should train to current fitness not target.
  • Phil, I just looked at the schedule you are following.

    Are you using the advanced one at the back or the other one?

    You will probably need to be following the advanced one to hit your target.

    If your current 10k time is 50 mins you've got a fair way to go in terms of both speed and endurance.

    What is you current total weekly mileage and long run mileage?
  • J1M, the intermediate one in the middle, page 4.

    My current total weekly and long run mileage is zero, I've literally just started.

    Training to current fitness sounds like a much better idea, thinking about it. No point designing a program that's too hard or too soft, and you can only judge those once you know current fitness. So what is the best way to measure my current fitness? 10k as fast as possible? 60 mins as far as possible?

  • Do a park run.


    5k   19:26 which is 6 mins 15 secs per mile

    10k   40:22 which is 6 mins 30 secs per mile

    13.1  1:30:00 which is 6 mins 52 secs per mile

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