Best of the beginners forum!

Great the best of the beginners forum joins best of gear, health & injury, training and gear....BUT

Why is it advertised on the home page next to a piccie of two guys who look so much like they have just started running........10 years ago!

I mean they look really overweight, have bits that bounce when they run and could manage 5 mins before a walk. They obviously have no kit so have a pair of old trakies and a much washed t-shirt on and their trainers are most definately a pair they bought in JJB for £20 (I have been running for 5 years and have only just got some kit that matches)....come on RW lets see some 'normal' runners or 'beginers' even better next to an advert for the best of the beginers forum.

But well done on all the rest of the hard work


  • Hmmmm, agree, BBB. But I somehow doubt they'd have wanted a piccie of me!!
  • Oooh yeah Jill.. we want you up there!

    I still have bits that bounce and I've been running for 5 years!
  • Well said, BBB. Bloody models everywhere, not even breaking into a sweat.

  • and NO blue nail varnish to be seen - disgraceful
  • In defense of RW, the pictures were probably purchased from a stock photography library, as most is these days.

    I bet you'd have a hard time finding a lard arse like me in a stock photography library under the category of running/exercise. More than likely find me munching on a burger king, pizza, or with big hair clips, and a big thong up my ass.

  • Yeah, they'd have to do something really hard like get permission to use a photo of a real person ;0)

    (cheaper than using a photolibrary though....)

    Do you hear that RW???
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