Realistic HM time for April 2013

Hi All

I have entered the Edinburgh Half Marathon in April 2013 and was looking for advice on what time I should try and aim for.

I have been running since the beginning of the year and average between 80k to 100k per  month. This is usually 4k x 2 back and forward to work. With an average time of abought 23 mins for 4k. I will keep this going and then increase my mileage at the weekend. Young child so struggle to put in longer runs during the week.

I am 44!

My first 10k was 1hr 1m which was in May and I am running another in two weeks time which I hope to go under 1hr.

Thanks in advance

So, what time should I realistically aim for if I up the mileage.

Any advice


  • Its an impossible question really.

    So you're about an hour now. If you upped the training then I'd think you could do 40 mins. If you stay as you are with training - then it would be about the same kind of time.

    100k per month is only 15 miles per week. If you could double or triple that then you'd get a great time.

    You seem to be doing all of your runs at roughly your 10k pace (assuming you fade a bit as you're not used to the distance) - thats not a wise way to train - especially if you're planning on upping the distances.

    Good luck with it.

  • I think Coogie has mis read the question.

    If you are going to rely on 2 4k runs a week and one long run at the weekend then you should probably be looking at about 2:15 for the half assuming your long run builds up to say 12 miles before the race.

    April 2013 is a while away. See where you are 3 months off and reassess.

    For now slow down for your weekend long run and extend it a little each week. Take one mid week run easy and go for it a bit more on the other one. Varying your training like this will see better improvement.
  • Thanks for the advice. 2:15 seems a decent target. Will keep you updated on the progress.

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