Swimming videos/DVDs?

Now that those long, warm summer days seem to be behind us and the bike has been assigned to the back of the garage, I thought that now might be a good time to focus on improving my (poor) swimming technique over the winter months.

I am struggling to find any suitable swimming classes locally, and also am having difficulty in translating the wealth of information and advice available on the Net to my technique in the water.

Can anyone recommend any good videos/DVD's that might help with technique? Has anybody found these useful? It just seems to me that ploughing up and down the pool swimming with poor technique is wasted time!


  • where are you scrooge ?
  • Taunton (in Zummerset, with the cider apples and all that stuff!)
  • ah well you got me there then.. i assume you've checked out local pools & tri clubs etc?
  • One to one lessons with an instructer are always good - they dont cost a lot and you'll be supprised on how much 3 or 4 will bring you on
  • I tried a few group lessons at the local pool which were good up to a point but limited due to the range of abilities in the group (it seemed that most people could literally only just swim!)and also by the time the instructor could spend with you.

    1-to-1 is probably the answer, but I am struggling to overcome the 'fear factor' of friends/other pool users/the instructor laughing at me!

    So do the think a video would be a waste of time?
  • Nothing that you feel helps is a waste of time

    Find a one tthat shows drills - drills are the key to improving technique - technique is the key to swimming
  • Just been having some 1-1 lessons myself Scrooge. Having unwittingly timed them to co-incide with a group of women doing water-aerobics, there's absolutely no way I'm going to look sillier - despite having never done crawl before and doing some rather fine "thar she blows" whale impressions!

    No-one really looks anyway - they just assume you're doing some technical drills and there's a reason you're attempting to splash everyone else. (Bit like doing Ministry of Silly walks drills on the track). Plus am improving in leaps and bounds so may even start to look technically ok-ish in a week or two :-)
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