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I have been jogging for approximately 5-6 weeks and I feel although I have got the running bug. I began on a treadmill and have had a couple runs in the local park. I feel like I should now start to show my commitment to this awesome sport of running by buying some gear. However, I have got absolutely no idea what I should be looking to purchase that is other than the obvious.

Therefore, I would love to hear from anyone who could kindly inform me what I should look to buy for running, in all weathers as a little rain is defintely not going to stop me.

Thank you in advance


  • Loads of good advice about winter gear on Winter Gear.

  • Hi Graham, Buy it as you need to, Everyone prefers different kit. some people run in tights, thermal tops, beanies in the winter, personally i don't, but you might want to. Buy it bit by bit and buy the best stuff you can afford - saying that aldi do some OK stuff if your not too worried about brands.

    Don't skimp on your running shoes/trainers - get measured properly at a good local running shop where they will do a basic analysis of your running gait on a treadmill and recommend the right level of support on that basis, which brand you prefer is up to you, personally i wear  Brooks - for no real reason other than they feel right.

    I like running in compression under wear, keeps everything in place if you know what i mean! a good investment this time of year may be a jacket, not a lot of fun getting drenched on the first mile of your Sunday long run!! Again loads of brands about all vying to take your money, just exercise your personal taste, although hi-viz running jackets always seem like good sense to me.

    As your new to running you may suffer with blisters when your mileage starts to increase, A Hilly twin sock will eliminate this, failing that coat you feet in Vaseline before longer runs.,

    If you have the spare cash a good sports therapist every few weeks is a fantastic luxury, especially if you are training fairly intensively. Also falling into the graet if you can afford it bracket is a Garmin gps watch which record pace, time  distance etc, or you can use an iphone strapped to your leg like millions of people do.

    Most of all enjoy your running. and stay safe on dark nights.

  • totally agree with everything hungry consumer says above.  get the right shoes first and foremost, running jacket, proper socks, hat and gloves and although not totally necessary for you just yet, my garmin watch is probably the best running investment ever!

  • Thank you ever so much HC. I would like to start by saying that I already own a Garmin GPS (Forerunner 110) that I believe they are phasing out, but it works for me as it records (mileage, pace, and time)

    Having my gait analysed was something that I never ever thought of; I am guessing having that done and getting the right footwear will save any complications later in life with ankle and foot problems. The only problem is that I live in Carlisle and there does not seem to be any specific running stores here (come on runner's need, hint hint nudge nudge). The closest place to me that I know has somewhere for gait analyse is Newcastle/Gateshead at Runner's Need next to the Metro Centre.

    I will most defintely be looking at running gear online and gloves and a beanie have already caught my eye and have been bought and sent. As for other running gear I will follow the advice of HC and buy as I feel I need it.

    Thank you ever so much and best wishes.

  • Much good advice been given, but I wouldn't get a jacket - you'll get just as wet from sweat! Much better IMHO to get a windproof gilet. You'll probably want a long sleeve top for the winter, and possibly something a little more insulating. It is worth getting technical fabrics as they keep you more comfortable than soggy cotton - I think I noticed the difference most when I switched from old fashioned terry "athletic socks". Tights are a personal preference or not - I prefer shorts. I've got much of my running gear in Aldi and Lidl for a fraction of the price of main brands. Other than socks, not a single piece of clothing has worn out yet - most of it is between 10-15 years old.

    Basically there are no rules on what you should buy - get it a bit at a time, and gradually you'll work out what works for you.

    There may well be other shops closer, but there is Up & Running in Keswick, along with the New Balance outlet place.

  • If you get a jacket - make sure it's a proper running one!

  • I bought a hat off here:

    Someone on here was saying it would be rubbish or something, but it was only £3.

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