Friendly Team to Join in Leeds

Hi everyonme


I am looking for a Triahlon Club in Leeds to join, and to have chance to have some trainings with other guys.


Please Let me know whether you know something about it.


Thank you


  • Leeds & Bradford Triathlon Club?

  • I hear Wakefield tri are good , I live in Leeds but work shifts and therefore am a pirate only, good luck!

  • I've met a few Wakefield folk - they seem to turn up in droves at the events I've been at (ok only 3, but still). Got chatting to 3 of them at Ripon HIM and they were really friendly

  • I have been having a look, and I think they have the trainning in Wakefield, which is not very close to my place, considering that I a moving with my place, to be honest, I am not sure about that.

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