VLM Rejection Support Group

Did you receive the sad Elvis rejection magazine? Are you getting annoyed at all the "Yay I'm in" posts in other threads and on Twitter? Are you suffering from ballot blues? If the answer is yes, share your pain here. Let us support each other through this difficult time.


  • Bear waves friendly paw in your direction - I feel your pain - image.

  • Thanks Bear. I cannot even bring myself to break the seal on the Elvis magazine.

    I guess I am in the first stage of rejectionitus. Denial.
  • whats on the front of the congrats mag ???? is it Elvis as well

  • Has anyone ever actually opened a rejection mag? I just chuck mine away untouched.

  • I think the congrats mag has some regularly attired runners, the rejection mag is a "oh well, run for a charity then" thing - hence man in Elvis suit.
  • Hubby's congrats mag came but I haven't even looked at it. I guess my rejection one is on its way image
  • Me too. Boo!


  • There, there
  • well i'm not in. Better an elvis picture than the one of a depressed looking runner crying his eyes out on the front of last years rejection mag!

  • The thing is it ruins my whole week....feel like an absolute loser, all those people going on about it, twitter, face book and there is sad old me, rejected again. It's like gym class all over again.

    Don't care...made a list of possible ones...the far fetched list of exotic places like Hawaii, Barcelona and the more realistic...Milton Keynes. 

  • Elvis visited me today too. i will cope but its the smug first time applicants that have got in that are getting to me.....its not their fault ....but come on vlm!!!!!!!!
  • Actually I don't know why they don't just send a slip saying sorry rather than go to the expense of producing a whole magazine. It is a charitable organisation after all and that would reduce costs - if they want to suggest charities to run for then an email/ link is fine - everyone has email these days.

    And no I didn't get in!
  • id love to know how much of the thousand runners raise actually go to work on the charity. After they have paid loads for the contract with vlm for places (few years ago some one said £400) then paid wages to people who work at the charity. etc etc. It was my 4th rejection and off to edinbrough i hope to run for a small local charity that supports me and my son. Its just the finances of getting to and from and having pay for accomondation as have no family close by to crash at like i do in london.

    Iv said i have given up on going vlm but my partner told me carry on entering  then do it for my self if i ever get in. i only ever wanted to run just one full in my life and then local half and 10km to just keep fit. we have see how i feel in april when ballot opens again. i hate people get in on 1st attempt as well when people have waited years. think everyone should experience one reject letter and you should only get in once through ballot system not multiple times. If want do it again then get a charity place and give others the chance. this probly me with vlm blues again.

    BIG HUG to all us rejects


  • Yep. Elvis came with a wind jacket that has now been thrown in the back of a cupboard because it just screams REJECTION.

  • Lisa, there's Milton Keynes a couple of weeks after London if that's closer to you. You could get the train up from London in the morning (i think it's a 10am kick off)

    Failing that, manchester is one week after london (not sure where you're located)

  • My 8 year old daughter asked what the magazine was about. I said "Not running the London marathon". 'Great' she said, sarcastically. Read it and binned it in 2 minutes.

  • lisa........there are hundreds of marathons each year..........

  • I didn't get through the ballot last year.

    So I just did another race instead. There are loads in April.

    Don't get too upset at losing out on a ballot where the odds are around 6 - 1 against.
  • I'm on my second rejection. And yes I feel like poo, having to face another year of waiting, then rushing to get into the ballot, and then waiting for another rejection. Yes there are loads of races in April, but none of them are the LM.... And don't get me started on the charity places, when a friend I know works for a major charity as a fund raiser is on 48K a year, and you then still have to apply and wait while your application is evaluated for a couple of months and then more rejection... or you end up chasing friends and workmates to sponsor your for X charity... what charity?? when you are only really interested in the fact they have a LM place, and not the actual cause the charity represents.

    I might as well pick a 26 mile course around my local park and run that... and running a Marathon with an entry of 350, just means more oppitunity to come last!!!!!


  • good idea on running around your local park Wayne.if you are the type who doesn't like coming last ...you should be made up with the thrill of coming fast.you can design your own t-shirt and choose your favourite drink..win win situation............

    i felt the same as you about the national lottery...........now i just do my own lottery every week and I am a winner each week...........much better than living my life as a loser........

    you can soon start being a winner instead of a loser by taking the marathon into your own hands.....

    you have made the first step...

  • I never suggested a Charity entry Wayne. I have the same views as you when it comes to that.

    I did suggest 3 other ways of getting in that you could

    Where do you get the information from that all other marathons only have 350 entries? Thats not what I've seen in my experience.
  • I didnt say all other marathons have 350 runners, but some do, and none have similar levels of participation and 'panache' to the LM, unless you want to travel overseas. (Possibly the GNR is an option...but guess what another 'ballot'.)

     I'd be happier if it was a straight 6:1 ballot, therefore I'm just randomly unlucky, but looking at other threads it appears that the VLM is known not to be random selection, unless I wait 30 years and might have a chance as a 72 year old marathoner - , therefore it is not fair by any stretch of the imagination...fair means I have the same chance of entry as any other person.

    Club running is something I don't enjoy..well with the club I tried and everything got too political. and I'm a long way off GFA...

    Basically I'm depressed and eating chocolate biscuits.


  • Move away from the cookies, Wayne!!! That's not the answer...nor the bottle of wine I drank to commiserate myself for being such a loser.

    I felt like that, every year until I finally got in...6th attempt! But serioulsy..it is shit, and not fair. But it's not going to change.

    Honestly, keep trying. Join a club and try and get a club place. I have no hope of getting a GFA until I'm about 60. But there are ways in....also, if you are in a club and someone can't do it.....I didn't say that, I have never known of that happening image

    Meanwhile....the smaller marathons are much more friendly....people talk to you! In London, the crowds are what make it, Tower Bridge and the last 2 miles. Honestly...nip to Paris, or one of the other big UK marthons like Brighton for the feel a of a big one. But try the smalle ones..

    But don't lose heart....there are alot of us out there, you're time will come....eventually.

  • Chocolate biscuits won't help you get that GFA time.

    Why is "panasche" so important? Isn't being able to run 26.2 miles good enough?
  • London has honestly been my wortst marathon expewrience............hated it the first time....last year was only made bearable by stopping for a beer and food at mile 17........a 30 min break and and was ready to go......the views looked better after thatimage

  • If you can appreciate the views then you are not running hard enough.

    If you want to look at stuff go for Paris.
  • if i want views I go to snowdon or beachy head or the brecon beacons.................i only do london for the party.....


    I have only run London once, and can honestly say that I preferred Brighton.  Or as Seren so wisely comments go for Beachy - that race is good for the soul.


  • ....runs through thread shouting "I'm a reject" image

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