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  • london flat though which i prefer, got london kilomarathon in 4 weeks and robin hood half on sunday. so my focus is on that. happy carb loading and looking forward to a glass of wine sunday afternoon. i get over it like last 4 years i have.

  • I feel rejected that I haven't even been rejected yet.  No magazine at all!

  • still waiting for my mag too.

  • Got the Elvis mag this morning. Not even worth opening it. Ran for charities years ago when they only asked ??500 or so. Wouldn't even dream about trying to raise ??2000 +.
  • Will not be long before the only way in is via a charity place.


  • Here's the one thing that pisses me off.

    50,000 get entry, 35,000 people start.

    Now, I understand some people get injured and I understand some people undertrain and get cold feet but what really annoys me is that those wasted places cannot be transferred to all us people who REALLY WANT TO run it and are fit and ready.

    If LM made transfers available they would keep a lot more true runners happy.

    Am I missing something?
  • Maybe they make that many places available on the assumption that thousands won't actually run it. It's crowded enough as it is - I don't know if you could fit 50,000 runners in!
  • BUT surely if they accept 50,000 starters they have to be ready for 50,000 starters. What would happen if nobody got injured or decided they didn't fancy it i.e What if we lived in a world that wasn't full of lightweight quitters stealing marathon places!!!!!!!!!

    On a slightly less hysterical note - does anyone knows what happens if you are offered a place in the ballot but don't accept it (ie pay for it in time). What happens to your place?
  • They only accept 50,000 entries because they know that only 35,000 will turn up. There's a fairly consistent no-show rate in all races, organisers factor that in when they work out how many entries to accept. They don't need to worry about everyone turning up because it'll never happen. Sure, 38,000 could turn up, but if that trend continued they'd start taking fewer entries.

    Many of those missing 15,000 will end up being deferred anyway, so not available for transfer.
  • Millsy1977 wrote (see)
    If you can appreciate the views then you are not running hard enough.

    Not sure I agree with this.  Scenery isn't my first concern when choosing a marathon, especially if a PB is a priority, but the marathon is a long old mental slog and actually a bit of scenery probably helps.  I love the atmosphere of London but I'd certainly take Paris for the scenery.  Eiffel Tower vs Canary Wharf... hmmm...  image

  • I've never even bothered applying for this one.........a nightmare for travel/ accom/ actually getting enough room on the course to run without bumping into people- no , not my idea of fun- go for a smaller, friendly race- who needs to screamed at by thousands of spectators?- try Lochaber, ( very small race), Edinburgh- big race atmosphere, but fewer spectators ( has had some organsitioal "issues" in the past), or any other local race- come on, London isn't the be-all and end-all.

  • Bit cheesed off. 4th year on the trot for rejection. Been ill for last few months with what seems like never ending colds. This was to be my motivation for getting out there and starting afresh. Now, the mood I am in, don't know if I can be bothered, certainly not for the short time.


  • most relieved to see Elvis drop on the mat. Enetered in a fit of something - brain storm, i suspect, after Brighton last year - and haven't run since. the running mojo's just complete left and is showing no signs of comming back - while the fat is.

    so at least I don't have a guilty sense of taking a proper runner's place... 

  • Not pleased to see Elvis, but was ready for him. First time entering and bequethed fee so got the jacket thing. Not quite decided what I'm going to do with it, quite possibly wear it to the start line of a cold race and ditch it.

    On the plus side, this means I can use my voucher for  the Rock and Roll Half in Edinburgh next year, possibly following up with the Edinburgh marathon the next month. I gather it's not the best, but it's home turf for me.

  • I'm over it now.
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