Hip / groin pain

Had hip and groin pain for about 3 weeks. Not to painful when running but felt v site the when back home and the following morning. Stopped running Sunday and saw a physio on Tuesday. She says I'm 'too tight' ( well my girlfriend already knew that) and I need to stretch more and that I've probably aggravated a groin muscle. Other than that nothing was wrong. Forgot to ask her how long it would take to heal. I'm hoping not long but doesn't feel too good. Anyone know how long this kind if thing takes. I'm doing lots if stretching on the mean time. Also booked in for a sports massage - anyone have experience if these? I've for my first 100 miler coming up soon and want to be out there!


  • I tore my abductor muscle training for cross country marathon. It took six to seven weeks before I could run again but I took ibuprofen for a week then started massages and loads of forward and side lunges ice packs for a week and try hot water bottle packs all helps with blood flow to area.I don't think your injury is as bad as there was no way I could run on mine without intense pain.

    Cross trainer in the gym kept me fit ( no impact).

    Also get your girlfriend to massage all areas this will help with moral.

    Good luck
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