London marathon 2013 -I'm in!

I was so excited when I got home today with my ballot acceptance for London on my 4th attempt. It would be the year when I've just changed career, am going to college 2 nights a week and already struggling to fit everything in! Would love support and advice from anyone else running so we can spur each other on and keep motivated!!!


  • Your running in the London Marathon. image what more encouragement do you need? image congrats.
  • jollie.there will be lots of different VLM / marathon groups on here after christams...or if you click on the spring marathon thread above you ,ight see an existing group that might suit you...

    give us an idea of what time you are aiming for and how much you run a week now and we might be able to point you in a rough direction............image


  • I'm in as wellimage image  Can you all help meimage

  • Congratulations, I'm not in. Nevermind.

    My best advice to to get out there and run some. Plus eat lots of cake just for fun.

  • Bex Hill wrote (see)

    Congratulations, I'm not in. Nevermind.

    My best advice to to get out there and run some. Plus eat lots of cake just for fun.

    Thanks Bex, I have a penchant for Suffolk Ale and Fruit cake at the moment so useful advice.

  • Congratulations to everyone who has got in. Now the hard work begins..image

    Not found out yet myself

  • Had my 4 th reject so off to edinbrough it is but going have look at finance as no family living in scotland so got accomondation and more expensive travel to pay for. My prtner said not give up on the ballot but my plan was to do one full in my life then just stick to home half and 10km. I believe in london you got more chance of higher sponsorship as people are aware of this, but just have raise the most for charity that is small local and close to my heart. My son is already climbing snowdon for them in 3 weeks and got over £100 so sure its possible

  • I'm in too, first time I've entered into the ballot as well.

  • Hi everyone,

    I entered the ballot for 2013, but I'm working away from home for the next 6-8 weeks so have no way of knowing which magazine I have received!  For the people who have been accepted, has the entrance fee gone out of your bank account yet?  No money has gone from my account, so I was thinking if other people have been charged, it probably means its a "no" magazine i'll find waiting when I eventually get back home!

    Thanks image

  • Colin Robson wrote (see)

    I'm in too, first time I've entered into the ballot as well.

    Me as well,but it will be my second Marathon image

  • selina.if you are successful yiu only have a certain amount of time to pay for your place before you lose it...I would ask someone to check for you

  • yikes! thanks - I assumed they automatically took the money (as had to supply card details when registering) but I will call them to ask if I got in or not...

    And I didnt say earlier, but congrats to everyone who has got in!

  • Just an update for anyone who is in a similar situation/still waiting to hear: I just called them and the recorded message says results being sent out up until Oct 8th, so there is still time and no results will be given over the phone until after this date image

  • You have until November to pay your fee. The 7th or 8th or something - not entirely sure but November anyway.

  • I think that you also get an email with a link on at some point, although mine hasn't come through yet.

  • Good luck all those still waiting, it must be sooo frustrating when others have already received their magazine!

    Bex - so sorry you didn't get a place but indulge in the cake anyway whilst 'googling' for another race to enterimage

    Seren nos - I haven't run much at all over the summer as I find it really difficult to run in hotter weather ( not that we had much!) and I'm only running about 15 miles a week now so really starting from scratch. I did the Silverstone half marathon a couple of years ago in 2:06 but I had been running more regularly and I am very much a continuous plodder!!!! Any advice of how to build up gratefully received! I had already entered Silverstone for March anyway to get me running again.

    Congrats to the others who made it as well JF50, Steve, Colin and Warkie - I read a quote the other day ' There will be days you don't think you could run a marathon. There will be a lifetime knowing you have.' I think I'm going to make that my mantra!!!
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