Help diagnose my pain

I'm training for a half marathon (slow, generally between 10m and 10.5m miles).

Been out tonight - felt a little discomfort on the way round, but I've got back and I have a horrible 'pain'.  I thought it might be sciatica (which I've never had before) but looking on the internet I've discounted that as it doesn't shoot down the leg, and is not there when I sit.

The pain feels like a nerve.  It is only there when there is weight on either the heel or ball of my left foot (I'm assuming when the bones in my legs are 'straight). It causes a pain which suddenly gets intense so I can't put weight on it (Its better if I move fast through the movement).

Not there sitting, lying.  I've tried to replicate it by pushing weight against the wall, but not there (maybe because the pressure is coming from my leg rather than weight down through my mid-section).

I don't want to stop running.  Help.


  • Oh, and the pain is very targeted.  It is about 1 to 1.5 inches to the left of my spine, about level with my hip bone.

  • could sciatica, thats where i had mine. my leg kept collapsing under me with severe pain in the hip area.
    could also be one of your gluteus muscles playing up or piriformis.

    try lying on tennis ball, see if you can target a painful area in the muscles.

  • It was trainers....  too heavy.... causing me to flat foot rather than roll through my left foot.

    Changed to my lighter pair... no issues.

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