BNritish 10K

... I just noticed that adverts have appeared for the British 10K again - you can enter now! So who's up for it? Who's gonna be the first to bitch about next years event? Or have I missed the bota on this one?


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    No, I think you've stolen the march on this one, cns. I think most folks have just finished moaning about the last one.

    Do you think if I enter now, I'll get my number in time?
  • Blah blah blah!

    £30? for a 10k?!

    OH MY GOD!
  • Beat you to it with a posting on Events and Beginers.

    The site is worth a visit as it slags of FLM (NB already forwarded letter of complaint to David Bedford advising of the defamatory remarks about FLM made by British 10k).

    Letter on its way to Sean at Runners World for selling us out
  • let's r*n a book on when steve bond gets a mention first.... doh!
  • Ash - selling us out in what way? allowing them to advertise on here you mean?
  • "Unlike the London Marathon and the Flora Light Women's 5k Fun Run in Hyde Park, The British 10k does not charge charities more than any one else to enter. "

    Is that really defamation ?
  • I thought RW slated it this time round?
  • They pay, then they get their ad in!

    Snormal innit?!
  • ah ethical journalism
  • It has been slagged off in the mag though.

  • Lightly

    I have asked what RW have done to gain assurances that the event is to be better run and have adequat water etc. After in excess of 1000 complaints last year I think RW should at least gain some form of guarantees before taking the money. Mind you at least this way they can take the money and use it to host the forums so that we can slag the event off.

    So if Steve Bond or any of the others realy does want to regain some goodwill perhaps they should offer 100 free places to Forumites with a demand that a fair race report is subsequently issued. If British 10k have listened to us they will get 100 brilliant reviews and we will all be happy. The voices of the masses will have been taken note of and we can then all promote the event in a posative way - I would much prefer this to slagging it off... but until one year passes with no complaints this is unlikely...

    OK as for defamation correct not in the strictest sense and note enough to sue on or gain an injunction against I suspect but the results will be the same.

    Also to stage and event and centre the home page on the charges made to enter is a little unfair - against the reasons for raising money for charity - and not what the event should be about.

    FLM PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAASE organise a 10k in central London

    this is about FEELFINE becoming the title sponsor:

    FeelFine the Recovery Drink have become the title sponsor of The British 10k through to 2006.
    Michael O' Reilly, Event Founder and Director, said '' I am delighted that FeelFine the Recovery Drink have become the title sponsor of the UK's most prestigious 10k road race run over the worlds greatest route - through the heart of central London, which no race over any distance can match''.

    I'm surprised he didn't manage to fit i n there "and unlike FLM and Flora Light Challenge we dont' charge charities more than others..."
  • and technically the website is pants! the FAQ page doesn't display properly.

    I love the way they stress the prestige of the race ROUTE and not the race itself. Definately a case of style over substance
  • the hilarity continues. I'm goign to get a Golden entry place purely for this:

    15 % discount voucher from James Lock & Co. of St. James's. Locks manufacture some of the worlds finest headwear for those extra special occasions for Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Can't wait to get 15% off a fancy hat.

    think I've had too much caffeine today
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    i love this race, i really do
  • I thought you were talking about 15% off a wig there until you mentioned hats!!

    British 10k eh? Don't you just love it!!
  • It may be better next year!
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    if i can get a wig running this race, then i might have a thought about it
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    LOL, cns.

    You're right about the FAQ page not working - when you click on "Why does it cost £29.40 for a guaranteed entry?" all it tells you is that it costs charities lots to enter the FLM (which of course is morally wrong, dontcha know).

    It doesn't tell you that it costs £29.40 so that the poor sods who apply for the £17 ballot places have to wait until 3 days AFTER the event to get their race numbers (if at all) and have to cancel their travel arrangements, because no-one can tell them whether they'll be able to run or not (this happened to a friend of mine, who will be delighted to hear that nothing appears to have changed).

    Who were the title sponsors last year?
  • And do you think the Bobolink will let this go without some comment ?

    Ah Mr Bond we'll be expecting you
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    something more than 13
  • spans - well i does only say "headwear" i just assumed it was hats. You could be right - in which case I can't wait to get 15% off my much-needed wig!
  • C'mon guys.... :o)

    Dont you want another dishcloth???

    Sorry!!! I meant good quality tshirt?? :)

    Hi Bobo!
  • So agreed we are all going to enter and race in wigs... erh wasn't that the Great Gorilla run though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wigs and the dishcloths from this year and last?
  • combining threads.... seeing as this "race" is as much about enjoying the most prestigious route rather than actually running as fast as you can, let's all enter and turn up to the start line in hiking boots and rucksacks and have a picnic at halfway
  • LOL Count me in CNS!! :o)
  • ooo not forgetting to start as close to the start line as possible - maybe even lining up ahead of the "elites"?
  • Since when has running down St James and up some back street in the City been a most prestigious event? OK accepted the bit of crosing over the Thames towards Houses of Parliment was good... and the final 1k along the embankment so if say 1.8k out of 10k is prestigious ...

    Compare the percentage to FLM when Blackheath start line is awesome, the whole of the Embankment and Tower Bridge are well. and running towards Buck Palace

    No comparison, other than its cheaper to do than entering a charity place with FLM
  • we are elite! Were forumites!! :)

    URWFRC vests all round? ;)
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