BNritish 10K



  • Im up for a mass boycot. Can we do it properly and all where masks of Tony Blair and President Bush and Freddie and see if we can eat with scissor fingers!
  • ROFL

  • oo we'd slipped onto the second page then - thort we'd been cazzed for a second!
  • Cor, I'm so glad the moaning has started again. It was getting quiet around here.
  • It's inevitable that the criticism will resurface since last year produced another batch of people who now know that this is one hell of a crap event to swell the number of disgruntled rip-off victims from the years before!

    It's a bit like Spur - always going to be better next year.
  • or SpurS even!
  • I'm going right off Brunswick!
  • I would have thought you'd have gone right off any Gooner long ago!
  • I like the can't give you water at the start because we will have to pick up 20,000 bottles from a really busy place.

    Try asking the GNR. They probably had 47,000 to pick up.

    Strange coincidence that its cheaper not to provide water, and then, hopefully, no one will notice the more economic lack of start toilets either ;-)

  • sod off! it's MY thread and I'll take it home and none of you will play if you continue to bloody well mention football! Spurs/Gooners whatever else you are GET OFF MY THREAD and get back top slagging off the most prestigious race route EVER!!!!
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