Friday 28th September 2012


Todays lyrics:If you twist and turn away

Yesterdays lyrics: Europe and The Final Countdown

What:4M Easy

Why:Easy weeks running

Possibly will get news of a 6 month extension today, but my redundancy is not affected.

Back later.



  • Welcome to Georginagem

    Just finished some nice coffee and toastimage

  • Morning.

    Hope you get good news today birks - the uncertainty isn't easy.

    Good racing RFJ.

    What:        would like to at least do 30 minutes easy but will see how I feel
    Why:         the last LSR tomorrow is more important
    Last hard:  taking a second rest day in the week
    Last rest:   27/9

    Lyrics - not having a good run at the moment. 


    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • What: just sorting out stuff before weekend

    Why: last running before Nessie done

    Last hard: Saturday

    Last rest: Wednesday

    Lyrics: no

    Good news about the job extension BM image

    Already having thoughts about after Nessie which don't involve running!
  • Morning

    Gave the swim a miss last night. Did however watch a very good documentry i found on youtube about Craig Alexander. What an amazing athlete that man is! Made me think that maybe an ironman isn't beyond what i'm capable of. It was truly inspirational.

    What: 5km easy
    Why: Last run before race day! image
    Last hard: 16/09
    Last rest: Yesterday.

    Lyrics: Nope.

  • morning all,
    good news re job Birks...
    belated welcome to georginagem
    VLM knock back again, 14 out of 18 rejections in the last 20 years, 1yr didnt apply, 1 deferral (not that I'm counting...) 
    RFJ - congrats , mile or 1500, what age group is jnr now?
    what - summat easy
    why - 6 tempo yest (44mins) & lsr tomorrow, xc sunday

    happy crunchie munching

    lyric - possibly

  • Morning

    Another kicking. I should have got yesterdays lyrics

    Birkmyre Best of luck today fingers crossed

    What: LFOTM 5km
    Why: Meet some friends
    Last Hard: whats that
    Lyrics I daren't  say No but can't think at the mo

  • Morning!

    Welcome GGG.

    Good luck at lunchtime Pammie:  originally I had very lightly pencilled in today as a possible comeback race! Never mind, there's always some time next year.

    What: 0
    Lyrics: 0

    Interesting times, Birks.

    Dustin:  do your club get London entries?

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • What: No running today, just 10 minutes cycle to the station and back.
    Why: Resting until Sunday for Bristol. My second HM, I'm hoping to crack 2 hours!
    Last hard: Five miles in the rain yesterday on Home Run. Three of us including the leader but it was a really nice run. I'll def try and make it regular.
    Last rest: Tuesday (no running Wednesday but had a quick go in the gym)

    No luck with VLM for me. Going to try and get a place to run with the Stroke Association.

    Lyrics not a clue! Thanks for the welcomes.

  • My VLM number is roughly 200 lower than this years - don't know if that moves me up a pen or not but I don't mind either way, it was a good start last year.

    When do you get the results of your scan Alehouse.

    Race well Pammie.

    OH - do they include swimming and biking? image

    OPR - an IM is not beyond you. It's just a matter of application and persistence. What was the documentary by the way - sounds like one I'd like.

    I managed a sneaky 30 minute run before work, Garmin was playing up - no way did I run as fast as it said, even after a second rest day! Right leg was generally fine, left knee still a little niggly and HR way above RPE - though more consistent with the outrageous mile splits the Garmin was giving.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMH: scan results 8 pm Monday. Can't wait! Also when I went re  asthma med check up last Monday I had verious "precautionary" samples taken: get those results at 4.45 Monday! Looks like a fun-filled day!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • LMH - 'fraid not. more like getting house tidied and sorted, assembling new PC, getting to see my GP to renew tablets, tax  returns etcimage but looking forward to some free weekends Kayaking Club and with Orkney Polar Bears (OWS).
    However, already one Saturday morning removed for Flu Vaccine clinicimage

  • AleH- yeah we do, think its three (maybe 4).
    I'll put my name in the ballot , usually only a dozen or so from the club try to get them, so reasonable chance of winning...
    tbh I'm not that fussed. As a matter of course I apply every year, if I dont get in, I just choose another mara instead.

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    LMH glad leg is feeling better
    Pammie post is redirected to my Dad.  Have emailed him to ask if anything has arrived!

    What: rest, maybe some core (remembering LMH advice...)
    Why: hip is sore after yesterday's 10km, I'm getting fed up now image
    Last hard: accepting that I need more recovery time booooooo

    Big festival in my hometown this Sunday.  Means shops will be open!!!!  This is unheard of over here, shops are always shut on Sundays!  I'm quite excited.

    Happy crunchie all.

  • Is it FLM time?  Just realised this is first year since 2006 I don't have a qualifying time.....

    Step daughter sliped off this mortal coil lasf friday so come back has taken a bit of a set back.  Back jogging again now, and took "road" bike on the road for first time. 

    One think if brings home to you is don't put things off. That Comrades I was always going to do?  The IM I was going to learn to swim front crawl and ride a bike for?  All suddenly have a sense of urgency yo them...


  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Hello AF.  Sorry to hear about your step daughter, hope you are as ok as you can be in these difficult times.

  • Really sorry to hear your news AF. I lost a friend to an aggressive brain tumour earlier this year - ten weeks from diagnosis to death - and feel much as you do. We don't know if there'll be a next time or a next year so need to make the most of what we have whilst we have it.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • That's very sad news, AF.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Evening

    AF Really sorry to hear about your step daughter.

    Race was good thanks met  some of my RW friends  which was great incl one from Canadaonly 4 of us racing and another 3  supporting i think its called now I had no real goal except if i could a seasons best 26:30 which has been my goal for all my races this year so each km in 5:18 or less always tricky as you can't keep running faster each time

    Started the race spied a lady who used to finish around the same time as me so i tag behind her i was breathing a bit deeply  but didn't feel that bad felt i was holding back so went ahead. So first km was ok Approaching the 2km  along the lake oh boy sudden unexpected  headwind   knock me back a bit  but still trying to catch a trio in front took me  a while after the 3km mark exchanged a friendly glance with one woman  pass her move ahead  only for her to re-pass me. Carry on all the way

    Approaching the hill near the end JJ calls out  urging me to catch those in front giving me a target of 2  one of whom is that woman climbing up that hill which didn't seem too bad (guess daily hill running here helps) get to the top and i pass the woman again know i must keep ahead his time pass man in blue. Now don't get caught in last 100 metres or so

    Get to the finish arms aloft (Hark look at me who do i think i am)




    So well pleased a seasons best by 46 seconds Back again in November

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Well done Pammie,

    AF sorry to hear your news

    Dustin he will be U20 for the XC  and was the mile last night.

    Rest day here... take care

  • Great result Pammie, and it was about time that this thread got some race reports once more.

    AF, you are indeed right. We are merely passengers on a space rock.

    Lyrics, I thought that yesterdays were familiar, and so are today's. I don't know the answer though and I'm not going to cheat.

    I had hope of going for a run today, but etc etc etc excuses. Finally I did manage to get my swim done. Not the 2000m, just the mile. The first quarter felt rather good, and was indeed quick. By the last quarter I was back to normal with my right arm going plop plop plop (annoying me intensely). Time wise, it was satisfactory, just inside 45 minutes. I think that my legs were higher in the water at the start. This is good as there is less drag, and water's thicker than air.

    Tomorrow is bike day.


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