Annual Aldi Running Event 11 October

Has anyone had any of this stuff before? I know it's all fairly cheap but is it of a reasonable standard? A runner I know swears by the shoes, anyone else?


  • I've got half a drawer of Aldi and Lidl stuff. It's perfectly good and almost indestructible - I've been using the same tops and shorts for years. The fabrics are a little coarser than the fancy brand names but for the price you can't complain. Haven't used the shoes though.

  • same as above there stuff is normally cheap made of kryptonite and sometimes of higher quality than the big name brands.

  • Nothing wrong with it. Use plenty of it for training. Some of it lasts longer than the leading brands.
  • I will be there on October 11th carrying away as many pairs of socks as I can get in my size.
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