Blackpool marathon 2013



  • Yes Oranges


    All roads from the Football Club to the promenade are closed from 08.30 till 14.30 and the whole of the prom along the front from Squires Gate Lane to the North Pier. G4S will be marshalling the route. From the North Pier to Little Bispham, Lower & Middle Walks plus Upper footpaths all off road.

  • Desperately want sub 3hr, training is going well, 5km in 17:45, 10m in 1:02 and hopefully a half marathon in 1:23ish in a couple of weeks.

    Where's everyone going to celebrate? End up in Walkabout until 2/3am...Train hard, party harder...xx

  • Thanks Rocket. Sounds good. I'm going for a sub 3:15 Gerbs. Partying of some sort sounds good, especially if I get under 3:15!! I'll be in the Salisbury vest. I have to drive back to Salisbury the next day so 2/3am is unlikely!!

  • RocketRon how many runners are actually doing this? 

  • Did my half marathon in 1:20:20, extremely happy with that. Felt really comfortable doing 6 min miles up until halfway, then slowed down a bit as knew I was on for a good time! PB by 5 mins!!

    I am on for my sub 3 but just got to avoid/break through that inevitable wall!!

  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭

    Nice one Gerbs - with that speed and enough long runs (to avoid any wall!) you should smash 3hours

  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭

    A quick shout out for anyone who may have or may know of someone who has a number going begging for the half

    I hope that everybody's training has gone well - hopefully weather for the race will be like todays!

  • A shout out for anyone who may have or may know of someone who has a number going begging for the full marathon. My mate who I have been training with has left his entry till a few days ago thinking places were unlimited, well thats what it said on one of the sites! We have both trained for 4/5 months for our debut marathon and have both raised money for charity so is desperate to run! Is willing to pay full entry price.

    Good luck to everyone on the day hopefully the wind won't be howling!

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