OK, so Mr TST got me some overshoes from Aldi yesterday (which I think are too big and need to go back, but that's by the by) and I tried them on over the cycle shoes but the overshoe looks like it would interfer with my trying to get my shoe into my pedal image  I've never owned these before so have no idea how they should fit onto the shoe at the bottom.  I've taken some pictures so could people advise if this is right or not?  I didn't have time to get the turbo out last night and set the bike up on it so I could try clipping and unclipping them in, but will do that tonight.  Just in the meantime I thought it would be useful to have peoples comments as I don't want to wreck them trying to clip my shoe in and then not be able to take them back.

Full bottom view



Close up from side (bit fuzzy I know but I accidently deleted the clearer one image


 Any advice would be greatly appreciated - if they're not right I'll take them back, but I then need to get some somewhere else and have them delivered by Friday before I go away so am slightly panicking a bit!!


  • The new Endura overshoes I bought last winter fit close to the front of the cleat like this, im not sure if its how they should be and I was a bit dubious before I tried clipped in but theyve been fine, not problems clipping in and out.

  • they shouldn't be that close - they'll interfere with clipping in and out and frankly could be dangerous

    they're MTB overshoes to fit over much smaller cleats that sit further back in MTB shoes compared to road cleats.   

    it's a common error that new riders make - there are different style overshoes for MTB and road shoes. in my experience, what Lidl and Aldi sell in bike kit is aimed more at the MTB/leisure market than it is road

  • Thats a good point FB, I think the Endura overshoes I bought are for mountain bike shoes (but I read lots of positive reviews from road bikers, I also tried them on with my bike shoe in the shop and the advice I got was theyd be ok). 

    Having taken a closer look at the pics, those look even tighter against the front of the cleat than my Endura ones and there is bunching in the material at the side. 

    Id take them back if you have any doubts.

  • Thanks guys.  I was concerned when I tried them on the shoes that it looked too close to the cleat, well, they are underneath the front bit of it really, but as I've never had overshoes before I didn't know if that was how they are supposed to look.  They are a bit big anyway but I don't think the next size down would move the bit any further away from the cleat.  I shall take them back tomorrow, I have enough problems clipping in and out as it is without something extra getting in the way! image

  • Have you got them on properly ? It's often necessary to wiggle them around a bit.

    As the boys say - you don't want them that near the cleat.
  • Yes, I'm pretty sure they are on properly; they are rather on the large side which probably doesn't help.  There is lots of room at the front of them so nothing to pull the material away from the cleat, and I don't think getting the smaller size would help much.  Guess in this case it's a bit 'get what you pay for' but as I only want them for occassional use I don't want to spend lots of money on getting some. 

  • Planet X have got overshoes for £10 on their website at the moment - for road rather than mtb as far as I can tell. I'm going to order some as soon as I can work out what else to buy to bring the order up to £20 for free postage!

  • Just had a look at those RustMan, but am a little concerned they may be a bit bit too?  I've got size 5 feet and the overshoes fit size 5-8 so not sure if they are going to be a bit big on a size 5 and snug on a size 8 so I'll have the same problem as with the other ones.

    Thought buying these would be simple but they're turning into a right 'mare image

  • Have just called my local bike shop and they have some small ones in stock which he thinks should fit my shoes.  They are neoprene ones and therefore £25 image but at least I can try them on in the shop and he will check they fit properly.  He said they are the ones he uses and are good.  I know I could probably get them on line cheaper, but I'm pretty concerned about the safety aspect of them not fitting properly so will feel safer doing it this way. 

    Plus if I've spent £25 on them I'll feel more likely to get out in the cold weather and use them to get my money's worth! image image

  • I think if you had a smaller size the first lot would probably be fine - they should be fairly tight over your shoes.    The only real way to tell is to try them though.   

    £25 is quite a lot - they don't tend to last forever but I suppose in the scheme of things an extra tenner over what you could get a pair for isn't a huge deal.   

  • the palnet x ones are brilinat.i wore a pair all last winter and have just got a new pair for this year

    I get the medium to large ones and I'm only a size 8 bike shoe and the fit has been no problem

  • Without reading all the detail above, the Aldi ones looked bobbins when I checked them out in the shop, so I didn't buy any. Weird looking things and a different shape to any i've seen before. I need some newies and intended to get some at £6.99. But they didn't look like overshoes usually do. Got a nice softshell and some armwarmers (which aren't a patch on Schmunkee's Pirate ones but are fine enough).

    i reckon they're duff, tst x

  • I've order the Planet X ones, couldn't get the the bike shop in the end on Saturday (it's not actually that local, it's 20 miles away!) so thought I'd try the Planet X ones as they seem to be recommended.  Mr TST is taking the Aldi ones back tomorrow to get a refund.

    Thanks for your help everyone image

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