one week to go to half marathon

Hi all,

I only started running 7months ago have entered 2 10ks and really enjoyed them! but I have a half marathon next weekend.I have been training for it and have got up to 11 miles (slowly) but that was 3 weeks ago in the meantime i have been doing 5 to 6 mile runs about 3 times a week.I was supposed to do a 12mile run last weekend but was in a 10k race instead so didnt do the long run.Should I do the long run this weekend a week before my HM or should I continue with my 5-6 mile runs? will it make me to tired for the big day? any advice please


  • I would go long this weekend - 11 miles again. It will give you confidence that on the day, you know you can do it. Then taper down next week: perhaps 4 or 5 on Tuesday, and 2 or 3 on Thursday. A long run this weekend won't tire you out for next weekend. Good luck!

  • thanks for that I wanted to do a long one this weekend especially to give me some confidence.Will take it steady and enjoy!

  • Hi Jean - I think you'll benefit from doing an 11 miler too. It's impossible to say whether you will still carry fatigue from the training into the race next weekend. We know nothing about your age or general speed of recovery, how muuch stress you are under, what your diet is like, how much sleep you allow yourself.

    However, I'll guess that finishing the HM is more important than being a few minutes faster. So with that in mind, the stamina benefit from one more longer run, along with the confidence boost will probably do you more good than being a little bit fresher.

    Good luck. image

  • Hi Jean,  it's down to how you feel, but a week is not long enough for any physiological adaptation to take place from a long run.  If you do another long run, it means all the benefit is psychological - you'll feel better prepared, for sure. 

    You'll read plenty of people saying that you should do your last long run two or even three weeks out from your race.  It's swings and roundabouts. If you cut your long run to 8 miles this weekend, you'll start your HM feeling fresher.  But if you think you'll be held back by self-doubt, then go ahead and run the longer distance, making sure it is nice and steady.  Don't try to run at faster tha HM pace this weekend.

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