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unfortunately i am not due to upgrade my iphone for a few months but i like the look of the new earpods.  the original apple ibuds are crap and just wont stay in my ear while running.  I have seen a few online reviews that say these new ones stay in place very well, even while at the gym/running etc.  They are £25 to buy and apparantly decent for the price, though there seem to be much better out there if you want to pay the money.

I'm not mad about having absolutly perfect sound quality or about interference from street noise etc I just want to know if they will stay in place during a fairly fast 10k run?


  • plenty of people have had a look but no opinions yet.  just to let you know that i bought a pair and ran with them this morning, and as per the reviews i read they get a thumbs up from me.

    My run included sprints, stairs repeats and hill repeats as well as a slowish jog back home and the earpods stayed in place perfectly.  they are very comfortable but they are not a perfectly snug fit and felt like they were going to fall out on several occasions, but they never did.  i had the cord tucked down my shirt and a few times i felt it tugged on by my collar etc, these slight tugs would have easily removed the old ibuds from my ears but the new ones didnt budge.  its probably this that made me feel like they might fall out at any time so it may just take a little getting used to.

    Sound quality probably isnt perfect and they dont drown out surrounding noise but as a runner that is probably a good thing.  i would agree also that if you want to spend £100's then there is bound to be better out there but they are probably the best that £25 can buy.

  • Thanks for this LP, I also have been wondering about them as my sony's are on last legs. Might refrain from buying another sports pair and wait for phone upgrade.
  • Sound good, might invest in some myself
  • I've not tried mine running, but I don't think they'll be any good.  The shape is more comfortable than the old style ones, but they are all now shiny plastic.  There isn't the little rubbery bit on them that used to offer a bit of grip.

    Even stationary one phone calls they don't feel very secure in my ear.

    Sound quality is much better than the old ones, but for running I don't think you can beat the Sennheiser PMX 680s. 

  • Not tried them myself, but if you have ordinary apple earphones you can get an over ear clip that they fasten to. They are just £6.50 on Amazon and have got mainly 5 star reviews. Find them with a search on 'sports earphones fro running'.

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