VLM first timer

Just got a ballot place in the VLM. Have been running for 18 months but furthest I have ever run is 13 miles which I ran a couple of weeks ago. Need advice on: 1. Training schedule. There are so many around, can anyone recommend one? Preferably one that has distance to cover rather than time. Also most training plans seem to be 20 weeks or less so when should I start the plan? I currently run 3 times a week, around 20-25 miles in total. 2. Goal time. Should I have a rough goal and what should I base this on. If I plug my 13.1 time (1h 41 mins) into the Macmillan calculator it says less than 4 hours but this seems a bit optimistic! 3. Weight. I have quite a low BMI but have been the me weight (7 stone) for about 20 years (I am female and 41 and am 5 foot 3). Will I run better if I put on a bit or should I stay as I am. Sorry for lots of questions but really want to give this a good go!


  • Slow I would go onto the shades marathon thread and ask there you've got quite a lot of questions and they can address them in detail. Plus as you get going on the training the support and stuff will be worth it. http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/training/shades-marathon-training/72631.html

    For the training plans everyone has there own idea whats best like you said I would take a breath and work out which ones going to work for you best and fit's in with your life and take it from there.

    There isn't a general thread yet for london but sure there will be one soon so might be worth cheaking out who else is playing for some mutual support and banter.

  • Thanks for replying Cake, I'll take a look
  • Just to answer point 2 - you might want to use the 4 hour time as a training target, but the MacMillan time is based on equivalent performance at each distance.  For a first-time marathoner, you'll struggle to reach this equivalent performace on your first attempt.  You might be one of the lucky ones who adjusts very easily to the greater distance, but the vast majority of runners don't and can take 30 mins to 1 hour longer.




  • Thanks Stutyr, think I will start off with 4 hours as a target and then see how the training goes. Would be nice to beat 4 hours though, then wouldn't feel that I needed to do another marathon again quickly afterwards!
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