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  • I know it's such a shame, I wish they'd kept it to themselves personally! I've lost my runbritain ranking, I was listed as 15th fastest U23 over marathon distance, that's now vanished, and lost my place at London next year, unless I can go sub 2.45 at Chester in October, hmm!

  • I have heard rumours that the GFA for VLM will not be affected... hope that turns out to be true.


    I feel a bit sad about it all really.  Sunderland doesnt have so much going for it, the MOTN could have become a real positive rallying point.  Though I did always think "Marathon of the North" was overegging it a bit!  I wonder how many people will enter next year given there's not much to sell it on at the moment.  I was so far off the pace that a couple of hundred metres, couple of minutes here or there didn't make a huge difference.  My initial time, the gun time, was probably the accurate one as it turned out.  So I'm gutted for the people it makes a difference for (hoping it won't of course), but for me, it's just saddening rather than maddening.

    Shielsy will hunt out GNR thread, I'll be doing that one too!


  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭
    To say I'm gutted for you all is an understatement.

    But I'm curious as to how it's come to the organisers attention. Did lots of people complain that it seemed 'under distance', and they had to investigate using GPS evidence etc. Or did they know on the day that they'd sent you all the wrong way, but kept quiet until now? Does anyone know?
  • On the Facebook page for marathon of the north it said just days after that people complained as their gps was giving different mileage.  They said on this page they would investigate.   I agree they should of keep quiet. 

  • Damned either way I think. 

    Being back to work, it's surprising how many people know and also everyone is genuinely shocked. The regular comment is mainly around how can a course be short? 

    Good point Helly Hanson - chatting to the Missus over the weekend we're at a loss as to where the course went wrong - ill email them today asking for a more specific description.

    As for next's early days...I wanted MOTN to be my marathon 'streak' each year. But we're planning to run one together - VLM or Edinburgh and I do wonder if I need a break from Sunderlad. I worry this could be the same for lots of people and I'd hate for the event to close...but I must say my feeling is if the organisers can't even measure the distance rigdon'tworry I really want to chance this experience again??

  • Shazmo - the first thing I said as I crossed the finish line was, 'That was short!' as I knew my Garmin was always pretty accurate on all the other races I've done (and I tend as a rule not to run on the pavement as I'm very accident prone and always imagine I'm going to trip up a kerb).  A few of my friends I travelled on the metro home with also reckoned it was short, by the same distance, and my friend who did the half texted me that night to say she thought the half was short too.  Then I posted the question on the MOTN facebook page and others also came on to agree with me.

    I'm guessing they would have kept quiet about their mistake, had lots of people not spoke about it.

    I heard that Alison Dixon, who knows Steve Cram, either posted on her twitter or Facebook page 'Shhhhh' when someone mentioned on one of those mediums about the doubt about the distance, and that was just after the event. Hmmm ...

    However, well done to Tim - it was good to see you speaking up for all of us on the news  image

  • That's interesting Shielsy - I read a tweet from Aly that was quite harsh, saying something like its not the Olympics so chill out.


  • Adrian Brooks 3 wrote (see)

    That's interesting Shielsy - I read a tweet from Aly that was quite harsh, saying something like its not the Olympics so chill out.



    That is harsh ... and as a runner she more than anyone should appreciate why people are angry.  But then she's apparently friendly with Steve Cram, so ...

  • I wonder if there is anyway I could watch the Tyne Tees clip on line as I could not get it on tv in sunny Yorkshire. Gutted for you Oliver, hope you can still get your gfa.I have e-mailed the organisers hoping for some explanation. Agree with you Adrian I won't risk entering again. If I don't get into VLm I will probably go for Windermereimage. Resting this week as have foot injury......hope everyone else is ok

  • I wouldn't be too harsh on the "Not Quite a Marathon of the North" organisers if it was a genuine marshalling mistake - I've marshalled races for my club (albeit smaller and cheaper ones) and we have occasionally lost a few runners. I'm just slightly disappointed this year, compared to VERY ANGRY last year at Manchester (where baggage tent chaos combined with cold & wet weather left me and plenty of others dangerously close to hypothermia). I can't help feel that they were asking for trouble with such a complex and convoluted route, with three different races going on at once. But hey-ho, it's not the first marathon to get the distance wrong and it won't be the last. I just hope I'm not at the next one.


  • Helly I was also at Manchester last year and was driven to looking for a different marathon this year and chose Sunderland. I believed it was well organised and me the only positives were the loos, brilliant support from other runners, marshalls and my family but the route was confusing and I was often running on my own having to ask people the way! I was quite far back in the field but there were others an hour behind me. Maybe next year will be my year for vlm.............

  • As Edinburgh gets closer I'm cooling off a bit about this fiasco. Surprised to hear a bit on marathon talk podcast today...

  • same here Adrian, partic after e mail from organisers that did not impress me. Still feel we ran a marathon image  will concentrate now on training for Leeds 10k with my daughter then York. All the very best for Sunday, do pop back and let us know how it goes....nearly there!

  • I'm back!! Had an amazing weekend in Scotland, and despite some pre race reservations/nerves ran a 3.56. Pleased with this - quite warm and I could feel the accumulative toll on my body. I've got a little rest before Kielder marathon in October before I plan out next years marathons.

    Hope you all are running well and thinking about next years MOTNimage

  • Hey Adrian, good to hear from you, congratulations! 3 marathons in 5 (?) weeks, amazing achievement image I think Edinburgh is often on a hot day, you did so wellimage. Be proud and enjoy the rest before it all starts again. A month ago was Sunderland.....I am maintaining my running and training with my daughter for Leeds 10k in July before starting training properly for York in October. I have entered the ballot for VLM, if/when I don't get in not sure what my mara plans will be for the spring. Thank you Adrian for all your advice and encouragement on this thread and for sharing your inspiring storyimage hope to see you on another thread in the future.

    L of the Vimage

  • well done indeed Adrian!  I've heard it was really quite warm up in Edinburgh and quite a lot of people suffered, so it shows how fit you are.

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