the Marathon of the North



  • Tried to reply once - must hae been a glitch. I ran it last year pal - see my first post. Thought the support, especially on the outer part of the course was amazing!!! Are you running it this year? Seems to be much more publicised...
  • Last year I ran manchester and the marathon of the north 1week apart. No comparison, Manchester was run through Dunham Massey which is great but also through an industrial estate which was pretty bad. Sunderland was fantastic by comparison great run over the main bridge and up the coast road, I'm stuck with Manchester this year as its my local and they are on same day
  • Great to have people's thoughts on this marathonimage all sounds really positive. A couple of things......what is car parking like (do I need to book somewhere?) and ......toilet facilities? Little things that seem big just before a marathon.

    Big news for me.......from someone who planned to run one marathon a year (I did my first, Manchester last year) I have now entered a second one! This week a marathon in my home city of York was announced in Oct. I couldn't resist and just got in before it filled up in 4 days! Mad but excited!

  • Parking was ok last year, next to the stadium. I noticed this year it says 'limited parking' but I'm sure it will be ok. Toliet wise is superb - the stadium was opened and all of its facilities were used. Amazing, clean and plentiful!

    I saw York filled up in 4 days! Congrats on getting a place!
  • thanks Adrian for the helpful infoimage now have the challenge of training in the snow!image

  • Hi Lily - I'm in same position as you; have enterered (actually was entered as a Christmas present!!) into Marathon of the North which will be my first marathon, and then got all carried away and signed up for the Yorkshire Marathon (I live in Hull)! Very excited although gutted that a horrible cough virus has scuppered any running for over a week - trying not to panic just get myself better before heading outside. Hotel in Sunderland is booked and hopefully can walk to the start (think will be a taxi back though!)

  • Hi hellsbells74. Think these will be 2 good marathons. I ran my first last April and had a real downer afterwards so having an Autumn one to look forward to and prepare for will be good. Just could not resist York. What training plan are you following? I am doing the same as last year, the beginners plan from Manchester Marathon website. I had a week sort of off when I went on holiday so a break to get better should be fine and you have lots of weeks left.Hope other members might be able to advise you here.Congrats on entering your first marathonsimage Someone said to me you will only ever run one first marathon so enjoy every minute!

  • Well thought I may as well go for two as I was doing one anyway!! I'm following a 16 week plan put together by my brother ( he's done 4 marathons so far and is a sports psychologist so he seems to know what he's talking about!) - per week I'm doing one long run, a shorter race pace run, parkrun and an interval session on the treadmill. hoping to get back out there this weekend but will take it steady til I feel 100%.

    Hope your training's going well image

  • Training going well despite snow but overdid it on Tues with 13 miles that left me with 2 day headache. Prob not hydrated enough after. Any advice welcome? I take water with me and dextrose tablets but perhaps need to drink more when I get back image
  • I'm a big fan of the tablets made by the 'for goodness shake' company. Can't remember the name - have a google and it will pop up. Athlete store I think the web page is called. Top product and reduced my need to drink loads due to salt loss (I'm a salty runner!! Lol)
  • Thank you image
  • There you go. Not a huge fan of the orange but like the black current and the fruits (I think)....

    The gels are pretty good as well. Not cheap mind
  • Anyone hoping to do a sub 3:15? Thinking of getting a group together as its easier running in groups.
  • thanks for the info Adrian, will look into it. Good luck Richard. I did my first mara at Manchester last year in 5hrs 17. I am hoping for my next one to be 5hrs. I read on the facebook page there were only 800 ish entrants so far! Quite surprised by that.

  • I did this race last year, two weeks after achieving a PB in London of 3:07. I managed 3:09 in Sunderland. It was a very friendly affair but I did not find it that flat, in fact the penultimate mile was a cruel climb.

    I would have done this race again without hesitation had it not now being scheduled for the week after London.

    I even saw Steve Cram on route last year and managed to have a brief chat with him whilst he passed me in the race car!


  • Lily - it does seem quite slow to fill. Did it sell out last year? Think it was over 1k participants. Sure I read that somewhere...

    Keyboard - tell me about it! I've been bantering in with the organisers on twitter about the hills. Almost the same route as last year so they're still in....bah
  • Thanks keyboard for hill warning. I train a lot on hills so hopefully will help image Adrian quite like the idea of smaller run and I understand that there are other races going on at same time.
  • I didn't mind the lack of crowds. It was friendly amongst the runners but I do remember running through a park and having to ask some pedestrians whether they had seen some runners go by just to make sure I was on the right route. The field had become so strung out I could not see anyone in front of me. (I came about 48th I think)


  • I am following my beginners plan again from the Manchester marathon from last year. Today was 10 miles and managed to knock a few mins off same run 2 weeks ago. It was tough, hilly, windy and rainy and took me 1hr 56mins. I am exhausted and trying to keep up my water intake to avoid a headache. I sometimes find the long runs hard going but I run in beautiful North Yorkshire and know it will be worth it in the end image how is everyone else getting on? image
  • Good over her Lily. Just completed my lsr for the weekend - 21 miles in icy but ok ish conditions. Pleased as felt strong and good at the end - could defo have carried on. Looking at sub 4hrs there/there abouts and I'd be VERY pleased if I do that.

    I'm ignoring the fact I have two others to run around the MOTN though!

    Can definitely feel the benefits of speed work during the week as well.

    How's your training Lily ? (And anyone else!)
  • Glad training going well Adrian. How close together are your marathons? Training ok. Great to get out this morning in sunshine, wind but no ice. Did 6 miles with some speed work and actually feel quite energised. Plan to do some hill work Weds, 13 miles Thurs then 4-5 Saturday. Just working my way through my training plan that worked well for me last year when I ran Manchester.

    Hope everyone's training going wellimage

  • Been hit with a terrible chest-infection type thing. Feel like shit. Determined this isn't going to knock my training after I battled through all the snow but my run tomorrow is in jeopardy. 

    Heartbroken if so....

  • oh no poor you, hope you are feeling better Adrian. I wonder if you have managed your run today?

  • Sat here with a coffee Lily. Bit of a headache but my chest feels better. Going to go out in a bit and see....need to get the legs moving but will listen to my body.

    Marathon training eh?
  • Back. Lived and as usual, after a couple of warm up miles chest was fine. Completed my planned 10 miler and instantly coughed. Lol. 

    Onwards and upwards...

  • Good work.  10 miles in the bag!!

    I'm sitting here trying to motivate myself for 7 miles, with strides.  I'm sure my legs are aching more and more with every minute that passes..........

  • Indeed. It was my midweek 'short' but with pace. Perversely I'm looking forward to my 21 miler this weekend. Will be an interesting run as I ran 21 last Sunday so this will give me a good indication of what my Sunderland/London double header will make me feel like....


    Been meaning to ask. Anyone use Garmin on here? If so, wanna 'connect' so we can see each others runs etc?
  • great, Adrian and Richard, really good to have ths forum to encourage each otherimage I am following a plan from Manchester that worked for me last year again. So I am just about to set off for a 13 miler. I always find it tough to get going but love it once I start and feel great afterwards. But my house is so warm and it is so cold outside! I don't have a garmin (yet!), just my stopwatch! Wow, 2 marathons in a week Adrian. Good idea to practice with 2 long runs close together. Let us know how it goesimage

  • Will do! And loving this forum. Top stuff! Hope your 13 miler goes ok....I'm drinking a coffee looking at the entry form for the Northumberland coastal marathon in march lol!!!
  • After a tough Preston marathon in October and the usual Christmas indulgences, I was deciding to give marathons a miss this spring (or retire!) but i'm now contemplating doing this race again as I loved it last year (see earlier post). Recently did a half which went better than expected! It's between this and Windermere! Will be different this year though with the half marathon running alongside the marathon. Not sure if I like that idea as I did Vienna a few years ago which did the same making the first half quite congested. Does make you go off a bit slower though which can be a good thing. mmm  decisions decisions!

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