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  • Tim - sorry I just realised from your picture that your a stroller, but the route does look much better.

  • Nothing could be worse than that hill last year. I hope that's been cut!!
  • Cheers Roball I was a Stroller. I do not have time to make it club nights so I am not a member of any running club now. Thanks for heads up on the changed course. I did not know that level of detail for the changes. Running down to the glass centre is a nice area to run in. So you have sold it to me image Looks like I am 100% MOTN entrant.

    Continuing with trying to get some speed work built in to to my training tonight. With 10 by 800 metres with a warm and cool down either side. Not got access to a track so just hope the ice and snow have melted from the pavements by tonight. 

  • that's great Timimage hope you managed your road run ok. Lots of people cannot believe I run in the snow, ice etc but if I didn't I would never have got going on my 16 week plan! After my long run on Weds I am resting for a couple of days though due to have long walk on Yorshire Moors or Dales tomorrow image and will run again on Sunday. Legs feel ok after Weds, I was concerned as had not stretched much afterwards due to dashing to dentist appt. Hope everyone else ok?



  • Hi Lily,

    I was on the Cleveland Way running on a snow covered traill earlier in  the week. So hope you enjoy your walk. running home from work tonight and then a LSR tomorrow morning.

  • Hope everyone's plan is going ok. Good long run yesterday but had a minor twist of my ankle after hitting the off road trail (good fun!). It's a bit bruised today but nothing too bad. Big improvements in my times though - training (and miles) really do help don't they?

    Have a good Sunday all!!
  • hope your ankle better Adrian, great you are happy with your timesimage I did an arduous 10 mile walk with hubby yesterday in the Dales. Surprised how tough I found it. Think it is easier to run that distance. Went for early morning 7 miles today so actually have run 5 times this week and my plan says 4! Won't be so easy this week as away in Dorset and then working but will take my gear with me and do my LSR on Saturday. image Hope sunshine continues!

  • Afternoon everyone.

    A bit of a busy weekend for me: on Saturday our club was competing in The Royal Signals Road Relays (makes a nice change from cross country) at Hetton Le Hole.  This meant teams of 4, with 2 loops each round a very nice lake (2.22 miles per runner) with a couple of draggy hills thrown in.  For once it was a beautiful day and the atmosphere was great.

    My club's women's team got the gold medal for first place, our our women's Vet team (my team) took the silver.

    Then yesterday it was another beautiful (if cold) day so it was 16 miles for me.  I didn't find it too bad, but yesterday evening I was absolutely shattered.

    No running today (it would be difficult as I've a 12 hour shift in work) and then it all starts again tomorrow image.

    Roll on May.

  • Well done Shielsy, a successful weekend of running image. I am now in Dorset and have an 8.4 mile run planned for tomorrow including the steepest hill I have ever run in training but hopefully the views will make up for the effort!
  • Good work you two - I second the "bring on April" feeling.

    Speed work tonight. 6miles, 49.45 and that included my fastest ever mile of 7.07. Pleased with the progress! (SOOOO much effort though!!!)
  • Congrats Adrian on an amazing mile time.
  • That's a very speedy mile Adrian, especially considering it wasn't just a one-off and was part of a session.

    My club session last night was 1 mile intervals x4, with 2 minute recovery jogs between each mile - exhausting.  Then this afternoon after I'd finished work it was 10 miles.  I intended to do no quicker than 9.30 min/mile pace, but after 5 miles noticed I was running a bit too fast at 9.08 pace (though I felt ok) so tried to slow the second 5 miles down. I still ended up averaging 9.15m/m pace so I really need to start off slower, because I find that once I'm in a groove it's very difficult to drop down a gear.  But then when I run slowly I always worry that it'll just get me into the habit of running slow.

    I'm a bit paranoid where running's concerned.

  • Lovely to hear how well everyone's training is going. Lots of good sessions out there. WELL DONE ALL!

    I had to miss about 10 days with flu but back now. Lost 4 pounds in weight which was much needed! Trying to work on my mileage and stamina as thats let me down big style in the past. My mile rep times are quite good, about 7 mm if not a bit below. Doing about 10 tonight then 13 ish on Sunday. Got a hilly half marathon in the lakes next weekend then another hilly 14 mile race the Saturday after so trying to build a solid long run base. Then to move up over the weeks after to doing a couple of 20 milers.

    Trying not to play 'catch up' and over do it with my missed long runs. Slow & steady! What runs / races are people doing at weekend?

  • DaveClaret wrote (see)

    What runs / races are people doing at weekend?

    I've got the National Cross Country Championships this week, as it's up here this year (Herrigton Park).  I'm absolutely dreading it ... I hate X/C at the best of times but this one is 5 miles long for the women (the longest X/C in the Harrier League has been about 3.8 miles I think) so I'm really scared.

    I only said I'd do it for the experience - I'm not intending to really race it, as I'm hoping to do another LSR of 16 miles this Sunday.

    Best of luck for your hilly half.

  • For this weekend I am doing my first double run to and from work tomorrow. Hoping to be up early and run 16 miles via Penshaw to work and then run 10 miles home. Then Saturday I will be running a slow and steady 18 miles. Sunday will be a lie in image 

    I could do with entering a half marathon to test speed. Anyone know of any upcoming HMs in the NE area.

  • Tim Bateson wrote (see)

    I could do with entering a half marathon to test speed. Anyone know of any upcoming HMs in the NE area.

    Haweswater Half?  It's in the Lakes though I think.  I've never done it, but know people who have who say it's lovely, but hilly!

  • good to hear everyone's news and that you are feeling better Daveimage I have been resting since my Tues run as have aches at side and back of left knee. Maybe I jarred it on a steep downhill in Dorset. Hope to do my LSR of 16 miles tomorrow. I wondered what peoples opinions are on gels etc? On my LSRs I take a couple of dextrose tablets every half hour. I have used gels but they do seem really expensive and wondered if there are alternatives that have the same effect. I guess I need to start using what I will use on marathon day. Even if gels are given out I will take my own things as after Manchester I realised I can't rely on there being any left when I come through! Any thoughts? Thank you!image

  • I take (though I've none at the moment so need to order some more) High5 Isogels.  They're more watery than regular gels (which I can't get away with as it's like trying to swallow down wallpaper paste.  And you don't need to take water with them, as you do with the thicker gels.  They don't taste too great though, but as they go down quick the taste doesn't linger.

    I'm also quite partial to Powershot Rides ... Cola flavoured.  They're like big jelly sweets.

    Of course, you'd need to try out anything new before the big day to make sure they agree with you.

    To be honest I try not to take anything on runs shorter than about 10 miles (other than water if it's warm) and would only take a gel every 6 miles or so.  My thinking is that I'd appreciate the boost it gives you more on the day if you train without it.

  • I'm doing Haweswater half next week in the lakes. It's a lovely race and one of my faves. Dent 14 the week after is similar and just on the West side of the dales. Coniston 14 coming up too.

    Shielsy :- I know what you mean about cross country. Bit scary and can be tough but brilliant strength training. One of those things like long runs or eating fruit, where I can't say I enjoy it but I know it does me good!

    Lily :- Hope knee feeling better soon. On gels I think like so much of marathon running it's up to the individual. What works for one might not work for another. If I do bother with them, it's only for long runs & I find the cycling ones with some salt in them better. Some people get tummy trouble with gels though so definitely try them out in training. Personally, I don't find that they make much difference and I find carrying them in the belt a pain. I've died on my ar** and also had really good long runs with gels and also without them!

    Looking like I might fit a fell race in tomorrow now, then a 13 Sunday. Hilly 10 last night, legs still a bit weak from my manflu but definately much better. Have a good weekend all.

  • Hi again - i've been thinking about gels etc now I'm doing longer runs and I usually just take dextrose tablets too or jelly babies. Tried Clif Shot Bloks last week which are like big cubes of jelly really tasty and easy to eat but is there any benefit taking these over the jelly babies??  - I dont know if they had any greater effect (seeing as they are £2.50 for a packet of 6 from tescos!) Don't fancy the gels  they all look a bit much to handle on a run!

  • Thanks for the suggestions on HM but I am travelling next weekend. So will not be able to race. I have been cutting back on gels my current favourite snack on long runs is fig rolls. On my runs of 2 hour plus I normally run with a small pack and carry a small amount of water. I do have some caffine gels for a perk if things are not going great. I also take one of these for last phase of a long race.

    I have found that drinking water either side of food/gels help me get the best from them. Personally during training I think it helps to try and not use them or food and allow your glycogen stores to get run down and help your body adapt and makes these stores larger.

    Didn't manage 16 this morning as Penshaw Hill slowed me down a little image So 13 going home to make the 26 for the day. 

  • thanks for all the helpful nutrition adviceimagejust managed 16 miles, mostly in a blizzard! Both knees just about held out.Used dextrose tablets which seemed ok. May add in some gels when the runs get longer and for race day. Hope everyones weekend runs going well. I don't normally do my long run at the w/e and it was nice not to have time constraints image

  • Evening all.

    Hectic weekend for me.  Saturday was the National Cross Country Championships, held in the North East this year, so I went along, despite not being anything like an 'elite' ( I figured there aren't many people can claim to have taken part in the National Cross Country Championships).

    After a week of being chuffed that it hadn't rained, I was woken by my OH on Saturday morning who announced that it had been snowing, and was continuing to snow ... thickly!

    Hence conditions at the venue was 5 miles of thick mud ... and hideous hills!  However I managed to get through it in one piece despite almost going flying on more than one occassion.  It was less of a race and more of a test of endurance. And it was so cold I couldn't even feel my toes until halfway round the second lap.

    Today it was 16 miles in the cold again - very tiring after yesterday, but at least it's over with now.

  • Wow Shielsy after all you went through on Saturday managing a 16 miler on Sunday, amazing effort image I did my usual Monday 5 miles with a friend today and it was very hilly, but we still were able to chat just!

  • Ran home from work tonight(8.4 miles the short way home) in my shiney New Balance trainers.

    Starting to work on pace after some longer runs recently. Pleased with the new trainers and missed running my first ever sub 40 minute 10km by 9 seconds! Steep mud bank at mile 5 slowed me down and messed up my new trainers!

  • I'm continuing to love this thread - truly inspiring to read all the effort going in for this run!!!

    I've got a couple of questions I'd like to ask - not feeling confident enough to venture and ask in the main forum!!! lol. 

    1. What headphones does everyone use ? I'm using my standard iphone ones at the moment with my shuffle but have used specific running ones before - my mainwish list is comfort and also bass. They must have good bass....

    2. Does anyone know of under armour long sleeve tops with built in thumb holes ? I've customised my current Nike long sleeve but it's a bit of a botch job...

    Any thoughts gang ?

    Runnign wise for me - banged out a 15 miler today in just over 2 hrs. Really enjoying my body responding to the training and after last years injury plagued effort it's a reall nice feeling to be rewarded and feel my body react positively to gentle, planned progression. What other activity can show just what humans are capable of  physically? Amazing stuff.....

  • Hi Adrian, glad your training is going well image I agree it is amazing what we humans can do. Lots of people say to me they could never run a marathon and I tell them it is all in the training and mental determination! Sorry can't answer no 2. I wear a long sleeved top and gloves leaving a nice chilly gap between the two! No 1, I use an i pod nano in an arm strap and still have the original headphones that came with them. Work ok for me but occasionally fall out! Can't believe after this week only 8 weeks to go!image Tim, I am wearing NB trainers as well at mo, love them! Need to buy and break in another pair soon.

  • Adrian - great running there!

    I have 2 long sleeved tops with thumbholes - a More Mile one and a warmer Nike one, both purchased at Start Fitness. Presumably they do thumbholes in men's tops too?

    I can't away with ipod buds so got some Seinhesser ones that go in your ear. They weren't cheap but not as expensive as some out there tho & are v

    comfortable. No idea if the bass would meet your standards though.

    Felt like a zombie yesterday after the weekend but felt better today so went to running club after work. Rest tomorrow, then a medium length run on Thursday before cross country again on Saturday, this time at Alnwick. No doubt more mud + hills!
  • good luck in the x country Shielsy, sure all those hills will help with your marathon running. I have just run 13 miles. I managed to run it 11 minutes quicker than the same run 3 weeks ago. It took me 2hrs 26 mins so I feel there is hope yet for a 5hr marathon image and the sun was shining image

  • Hey all

    Awesome running Lily - how was the X country Shielsy?

    Long run for me yesterday - longest planned for training of 24.5 miles. 3.40 time wise - was a challenging run for various reasons (tough work week, limited sleep, poor diet etc etc) but was pleased it gave me some more experience of having to dig deep and suck it up.

    Knowing it was my longest training run helped as well. Phew. Rest day today (aka cake and coffee image )

    Hope you're all good and training is working out...
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