the Marathon of the North



  • Thanks Adrian image and very well done on that long run. Hope you enjoyed your coffee and cake image I think long runs in training are harder than race day when you will be carried along and boosted by the support. I am aiming to do an 18 mile this week as well as 6,8 and 3 laid down in my plan.
  • Gosh Adrian - you are well ahead of the game training-wise.  If you're up to 24.5 miles now, what are you going to do in the coming weeks?  Be careful you don't wear yourself out!

    Lily - well done on your 13 miles.

    Alnwick cross-country was tough - what I'd call a proper cross country course .... very uneven terrain, small stretches of really thick 'almost take your shoe off' mud (I am so done with mud now!  I've had nearly 6 months of it in X/Cs), running through forests where you have to keep your eyes peeled for tree roots, and then a very steep run down a hill, which sounds like it would be a lot of fun, but the ground was so uneven that one misplaced foot and you're at best twisting your ankle or at worst doing unplanned somersaults down a hill.  4.11 miles in total.  One of the tougher courses, but very enjoyable.

    Went out today and did 18 miles.  I was shattered, but I suppose it's good training for running on tired legs.

    Now all I have to do it pack for my holidays on Tuesday - yippee!

  • Adrian great mileage. What will be your longest run?

    Lily good running as well.

    Shielsy listening to your description of XC makes me glad I am not in a running club image

    Did 14 miles on Friday on way home of work and broke my 10km and HM PB image 19 miles yesterday was a little tougher after my speed session on Friday. But very pleased with the run on Friday. Even allowed myself a decent portion of red wine to celebrate last night image 

  • Great running Tim and I bet the wine tasted good!

    On a different note can anyone advise me how to upload an image for my profile? I have been trying to put up a photo from my camera via my pc and it keeps failing. Too big? Thank you.

    Poorly daughter today but hope to get out for a 6 miler later.

  • Some seriously good runs out there! I'm obviously a bit behing schedule on my long runs compared! I'm trying to resist the urge to jump up in my long run length too fast though, tempting as it is to try and make up for my lost training weeks. Have done that before and it did more harm than good.

    Haweswater half marathon was good yesterday. Hilly but very scenic and lovely friendly atmosphere. Best time for a while too, just nipped under 1hr 40. Steady week now before the Dent 14 on Saturday then to creep up over the coming weeks towards that 20 mile training run.

    Have a good week all and enjoy your well earned holiday Shielsy.

  • Lily you need to resize the picture there are some free online tools such as (I have not used that though). I do know that this free software will work if the online does not work

    Good running Dave. I had a friend running at Haweswater as well.

  • Thanks all. Wasn't planing on going above 22 but got carried away! Seem to have a bit of a bug so it may be a imposed break for a bit. Think my knees will be happy!

    Will keep on 20 miles at weekend long runs and may squeeze a full mara in....that's TBD image

    Keep going everybody!!
  • 7 miles this morning, my side hurt and my legs were like lead but I got round. Will rest tomorrow but hopefully get out for my 18 miles on Friday. Thanks for the links Tim, managed to get a photo down to 11.1 bites (max is 12) using resize your image but RW still wouldn't accept it. May have to stick with male silouette for the mo!

  • Did 18 miles this morning, toughest and scariest imagerun of cars heading towards me on one road sent me leaping onto the verge as they did not leave any room for me, then barked and snarled at by a pack of tethered dogs, one breaks loose and chases me but fortunately only barks, I was terrified and could barely run for a while with my jelly legs! Then I kindly stop and climb onto verge to let a car pass on a narrow deserted road and the driver winds down his window and says something to me about not stopping. Scary again. I am relieved to be home to recover before I brave another run again!image

  • Good work though!!! Hope you had a nice piece if cake as a rewardimage
  • Hi all. Didn't know this was here. Looking forward to marathon, which will be my 3rd. Training going really well (fingers crossed). Actually doing less mileage than for my previous marathons (most i have done is 40miles in 1 week) and trying to focus on quality rather than quantity.

    Upto 20 miles for my long runs now and ran Haweswater half last week and knocked a chunk of my PB.

    All good stuff, just hope it continues. Looking forward to a 'home' marathon as I live in Middlesbrough.
  • Welcome!! Good to see new people - I'm sure I'm boring all!! image
  • thanks Adrian, yes chocolate cake and orange aero pieces and then a snickers, folowed by red wine and I felt better! Legs ok today and I have been on my feet at work all day too. Resting now till Monday.

    Hi Brian glad your training going well.

    Picked up useful tip from Manchester thread, a pack from amazon, less than £8 and containing 14 hi 5 gels plus other bits. Think there will be this make of gels at M of N? A great bargain. The link is there is a bar and drink sachets/tablets in it too.

    Hope everyone's weekend runs are going wellimage



  • Well zipped up the mansuit and did my long run this morning. Been up early with the kids, seen the rain and wind and really didn't fancy it. But got out there and knocked out 20 miles and felt brilliant for doing it. Even managed a fast last mile as well. 

    Got back to watch the Cross Country champs on the TV as well which had some brilliant running. 

    Hope everyone either has a good one today or tomorrow. 

  • Good work man, feels great when you smash it.

    Week is going pretty poor here. Went out last Saturday to the local food festival and both of us got a touch of food poisoning - mrs b is worse but mine is increasingly making me feel rubbish day on day.

    Training wise, middle length run on Thursday was shortened to 10 miles (instead of 13), 'speed' run on Saturday was slower and today's planned 20 miler was 19miles and slower than my last 21 miler. Sigh.

    I just want to feel better image

    Hope everyone else's training is going ok...
  • Ticking over. Not a great week for me. I had a mini virus infection as well. 

    PS Sick of passing miserbale gits that don't even nod when you smile and say hello when greeting fellow runners!

  • 20 miles brilliant Brian image Hope Adrian and Tim you are both feeling better.

    I braved it out running today after my scares on Friday. All went well desite running on snow in a blizzard! 5.75 miles, due to do 13 tomorrowimage

  • Tim, you should try running around the town moor. Loads of runners out at the moment probably due to the GNR ballot results. It's only the older people that acknowledge you.

  • LOL well that is me a V45 granddad, sounds like I am being too sociable image I don't race often but when I do it is great to hear the young uns cursing under their breath as an old fart like me comes sailing past 'em image

    Tough session on Penshaw hill tonight snow, ice and biting cold wind

  • Good to hear everyone is training well. Mine is back on track - 10k speed work last night with my best time of the year to date. My mood has lifted as well!!

    Tim - totally agree! I always say hello and some miserable bastards look to the floor or away! Chill out runners and say hello - it's not gonna cost you a PB! Lol
  • Headed for a 12 mile run tonight. Was looking to run at an easyish pace to the 6 mile point as it up hill. At mile 4 a blizzard kicked in until mile 6. When the skies cleared again. Turned at the 6 point and looked to pick the pace up. Black ice made it an interesting run back! Managed to keep the average pace for the run under 7 mins, but was a frustrating run. REALLY REALLY want spring to show up soon!

  • hilarious, magically I now have a profile pic! Don't know how that happened. The last few metres of the Manchester Marathon nearly a year ago. Great running Tim and Adrian. I dropped back to 13 miles on Tues, not as good as previously, seemed to be running on tired legs. Managed a good faster 3 miles yesterday and am going out for 8.75 later. I have woken with a stiff shoulder but hopefully that will loosen. Very excited my new running shoes have arrived, need to wear them in before the big day! Have a good w/e's running everyone image

  • quick question.....would appreciate your thoughts...I don't have a garmin and wondered if it would be a good idea to get one. What are the pros and if any cons? I just plan my runs on g maps pedometer then use my trusty stop watch. I thought it might be good to know how it takes me for each mile etc. Thank you! image

  • I do not use garmins for racing. With mile markers on race course and a watch you know your splits image. I use Strava app on my phone when training though to run at set paces for training
  • I'd buy one without hesitation. I upgraded recently (always various offers on amazon) to a 410. Love it - good for various checks during running and I love pouring over the stats following a run....the Missus has got a more basic one but its clearly helped her running.

    Horses for courses, I wouldn't be without
  • thanks Adrian and Tim, that's really helpful. Adrian what is the more basic one your wife has? Just bought my daughter's prom dress today and need to watch the pennies! image

  • Garmin 110 - does the essentials (would suggest the heart rate monitor version) and is perfect for her....
  • Most smart phones have free apps that do this as well image
  • hi, just checking in after lurking for a bit!  Am also doing the Marathon of the North. Looking forward to it, but keep having to revise my expectations because training has not gone to plan...


    Lily I think my running really went up a gear once I had a garmin and could see how I was doing much more easily.

  • thanks Adrian, will look into the 110. Alas Tim I don't have a smart phone....yet! Welcome to the thread Daisy image how is your training? Have your run a marathon before? Sorry to hear training not gone to plan. Thanks for the garmin tip, any thing to improve my running is goodimage!

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