Wierd Pubic Bone Pain

Hi All,

Really hoping someone might be able to help;- Two weeks ago I felt a sharp pain in my pubic area, the pain went so I ignored it and carried on training, the next few days the pain/niggle came back more in my groin/bottom.  I did 11 miles on saturday and it hurt around the front of my pubic bone again for the first 2 miles or so, the pain then went and run was fine.  Went to RC on Monday did efforts pain was kinda on and off, ran last night pain was there. Saw a Sports therapy person and she couldn't pin point the pain just said that she thought I was a bit tight in my groin.  I'm running a half on Sunday which I know you will all say is stupid but have trained so hard that I'm going for it.  The pain isn't bad enough (yet?!) when I run that I want to stop but its there and I can feel it.  Anyone had anything like this?  Have done Dr Google and a stress fracture is leaping out at me so am praying that its not that.. Will get Sunday out of the way and see someone but just wondered if anyone has any ideas as to what it could be?  Thanks for reading! 


  • Is the pain on the same side, about an inch above the crease in you leg?

  • could it be to do with your Adductor muscles? they connect in the groin area

  • Bit of a personal question but could it be connected with your menstrual cycle? Just wondering whether when you said

    Katy1 wrote (see)

    Two weeks ago

  • I had similar pain (pelvis/hip) and it was a psoas issue.  It took several months of physio, stretching and core/glute strengthening to fix.  However, as there is a chance it is a stress fracture I wouldn't advise you race on Sunday.  There will be plenty of other half marathons, but as this is a potentially serious injury the sooner you rest it and fix it the sooner you'll be back running properly.  One other thing is just to check you are not pregnant as it could be pregnancy related.

  • Max's mum:-The sports therapist mentioned the adductor muscle, but the pain feels more like in the pubic bone - although she said it was all connected?

    Iron Pingu:- The pain has all been on the same side, its right in the middle of my pubic bone (of all the places!!) about two inchs accross.

    Any ideas?

  • Crimson:- Don't think its anything to do with menstrual cycle although that has been a bit weird this month!

    Joolska:- Yikes hope I am not pregnant already have two small kids... mmm and see my reply to crimson above - mmm might get that checked! Thanks for your reply I know what you are saying about not racing, am going to go out tomorrow just for a gentle run to see, will make a decision then.  P.S is that a Bristol and West AC top you are wearing? I've just joined them!

  • could it be pubic symphasis dysfunction?

  • I am B&W, yes.  Welcome!  I tend to go to CE's Tuesday and Thursday sessions.  Come and say hello (but maybe call me Julia...)

  • mathschick wrote (see)

    could it be pubic symphasis dysfunction?

    This is what it reminded me of. I had it when pregnant with #2 (on crutches for last 3 months of pregnancy) and still flares up on occasion especially at certain times of the month. I would get a cheapie pg test to rule that out.

  • Ok, I'm sure it's not and I'm probably way off course so sorry to suggest it but is there any chance it could be an ectopic pregnancy, especially with what you say about your menstrual cycle being a bit funny.

  • Hi all,

    Well I'm not pregnant - Big Phew!!  I did have SPD with my first daughter 6 years ago was on crutches too for the last two months - The pain is similar from what I remember perhaps thats been agrivated by over training slightly?  

    Iron Pingu:- That did spring to my mind - glad to rule that out!! 

    Joolska - Hi Julia, am only going on Monday nights at whitehall atm, although Chris is trying to get me to come to his sessions but OH does footie training thoses nights - I'm sure I'll win the battle eventually and get there! So will def say Hi when I see you.

    Crimson:- When you get a flare up do you continue to run or rest? And did the pain feel quite sharp? 

    Thanks for all the help so far!


  • Have you decided about the HM? Given that you haven't ruled out a stress fracture yet I would advise against doing it. Physios confusing hip abductor problems with stress fractures in that area is very common I have discovered.


  • Glad to hear it's not my suggestion image

  • Unfortunately not that organised enough and not been running off to modify training. Last Sunday I did 12 miles around the time of ovulation and I got a few niggles. However I had been organised enough to book my regular Chiro session on the Monday to get sorted.

    In terms of the pain for me it is unmistakeable but then it has never really gone away. Difficult to describe but sharp, take your breath away and feels how I would imagine it would feel for a man to be kicked in the goolies.

    Have you decided re HM?


  • Your desciption of your pain is exactly what I have been experiencing over the past few months - a sharp pain in the pubic bone & adductor area at the start of my run which would fade after a few 100m.  Like you I was training for a half marathon and doing well with my training. I went to a sports medicine specialist and after ultrasound and MRI scans, I have been diagnosed with Osteitis Pubis - inflammation of the pubic bone which can be clearly seen in the MRI. I have just started a course of physio and have stopped running. The physio reckons it will take 2-3 months...

  • Forgot to say mine flares up at end of run and after rather than at start.

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for all your replies, I ran the HM (Glad I took the risk in running as did a pb of 1:33!)  really wierdly felt no pain at all - I was dosed up on ibpofen and paracetamol, and today the pain isn't there either, am off to club tonight to see If I can get a name of a good physio so I can hopefully get a diagnosis.  Fingers crossed it is spd that flares up during the month and nothing more serious!


  • Maybe see an Osteopath rather than a Physio as they will look at the pelvis rather than just the muscles. Maybe that your pelvis has been misaligned after having children and just needs readjusting. A physio wont be able to help with that, but an Osteopath will. Good luck image

  • well done on your HM. Good luck with getting it sorted

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