Waterproof running jackets

With the wet weather now upon us, I want to buy a jacket for running when its raining.  I’m guessing you get what you pay for, but is it worth spending a lot of money?  Surely, if it pours down, I’m going to get wet regardless.  Any thoughts?

I want it to also be light-weight, as I plan to use it on my coast to coast run next year (check out my blog for info ... www.runningcoast2coast.wordpress.com).

Thanks, Shaun


  • If its truly waterproof then you'll boil in your own sweat.

    Have a look in aldi this week. I think they have lightweight rain jackets. Will help keep the wind off you and are fine for showers.

    For your c2c you may need a more expensive jacket as conditions in the wilderness are prob worse than you'd get on a local training run ?
  • Montane Minimus is pretty good for when it's really raining and cold enough that wet = cold & uncomfortable. Fairly good on breathability. I was comfortable on a long run wearing it in pouring rain in early January.

    Montane Featherlite Marathon jacket is showerproof and is better for when the rain is light/it's not so cold.

  • I have an Omm Kameleika which is great, kept it on for an entire wet marathon last weekend and wasn't too hot although I did have to ditch the hood!!!

  • Haglofs for me on those type of events.

    For normal running I find my skin's pretty waterproof image

  • Touie2:  Do you think that the OMM is worth the cash?  I am very tempted to get one for Snowdonia if the weather is as shocking as I am led to believe it usually is.  I have a showerproof jacket, but last sundays downpours made me realise its not up to the job!  Does the OMM chafe at all and would you recommend a supersnug fit or a size up to allow space for layering (am a girl so guess the fit is different for men so you may/may not be able to answer that!)?  Also should the weather change, does it tie comfortably round the waist, which is where my other jacket goes if the sun makes an appearance?  Can't find any real reviews for it and at £150 want to make sure its the right splurge to make!!!

  • Laudy, I think it is worth the money, I actually bought the smock which is cheaper and slightly lighter! The zip is long enough to unzip it, pull it down and tie around your waist if needed! I'll be taking it with me to snowdonia! I have a pretty tight fitting one and just wear a t-shirt under it!

    Eta: I think the fit is unisex I have an xs one and no chafing image
  • Maybe it's because I do most of my running in the west of Ireland which does have a certain reputation, but I have two rain jackets which I use dependent upon how hard it's raining.

    The first is a Montane cycling jacket. It's breathable, tissue paper thin and will only keep very light rain off. I wear this on warm evenings when if there's gentle rain, or it looks like it's going to rain. I did wear it once on a 200km sportive cycle ride which was torential rain from start to finish. I was soaked after about 15 minutes, but in fairness to the jacket, I was still pretty warm as most of the rain still ran off the jacket and I was warm and wet underneath (oh err missus).

    The other one is a much cheaper, non breathable Ron Hill jacket that does a much better job at keeping heavier rain off and although it's not breathable, does have good ventilation. I wear this if the weather's cold or if it's heavy rain. I find that I don't get that sweaty underneath, or not enough that bothers me (the first thing you're going to do after a run in the rain anyway is have a hot shower).

    Alos, it's worth noting that although it's raining reasonably heavy or I'm feeling a bit precious, I wouldn't even bother wearing a rain jacket.

    If you're looking for something to wear in the wilderness, I'd strongly suggest you look on some of the fell running forums as that's a lot more specialised requirement than a 15km run around the local town with some mates on a wet evening. They can probably also give you advice on what to carry in terms of survival gear as well.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    It's more important to keep warm than dry so for things like road marathons I find a windproof L/S top (e.g. Gore N2S) is plenty, even in heavy rain.  For longer, offroad events I have a Kamleika but it mostly stays in the bottom of my pack!  The times I have worn it I seem to stay dry although it can get a bit clammy inside - it's "very" rather than "extremely" breathable.  What I like about it is that the material stretches in all directions over the whole jacket and it is almost completely silent.

  • Virgin London Marathon were giving these away for £28 each although you had to order at the end of April and delivery was projected by end of September image

    Seriously though, I have found the Karrimor jackets for £12 in Sports Direct to be excellent. Even better when you're prone to leaving them at races.

  • Chain reaction cycles have montaine minimus for ??84.99 at the moment, I didn't need one but I couldn't resist!!!
  • Just bought a RonHill advance windlite jacket for 25quid and I am well impressed. Does everything you would want it to do. Hvae worn it in heavy rain and wind without any problems

  • I bought an OMM Kamleika and its one of the best pieces of kit I've owned, well worth the money and I use it all year round.

  • My Haglofs LIM is the don of waterproof jackets

    Mine saved me this year during the Thames path 100, Probably some of the worst conditions i have ever run in. Six hours of horizontal lashing sleet and rain. I finished with no ill effects and my pal who had a less than substantial jacket on was near hypothermic.

  • Omm Kameleika smock for me. Brilliant bit of kit. Had it for 3 years and it's served me well. Throw it in the washing machine with nikwax re-proofer every now and again and it's like new. Very ligh too.

  • Living in the Cairngorms we have plenty of weather here ! I walk cycle and run and my all time favourite bit of lightweight kit is my Montane Litespeed jacket. It's a waterproof jacket weighing just 155 grams and goes into a bag not much bigger than an orange. It's also great as a windproof over a fleece when out on the hills, makes a great cycle top on cooler days and its good for running in the rain.

    You can pick them up for around £40 if you shop around. 

  • When we were in Leeds on Saturday, SWMBO bought me one of the Inov-8 'MistLite' jackets from Up & Running (Boar Lane branch)


    I've not worn it 'in anger' yet, but did put it on for the walk round to the local Co-Op that night & by golly it makes you very warm!!!

    I think that it's too warm really for running at a decent pace, so it may simply replace the Parago top in my (emergency kit) bum-bag for when fell-race organisers require 'Safety Requirement 9' to be acted upon (as it packs down smaller, & will allow me to get one of those orange survival bags in it too)

    That said, the only issue I could have with it is;

    Why black??? Surely yellow, or red, would have been better for a (possibly) immobile/injured runner out on the hills.

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