Bristol Half Marathon

Off to visit parents until Sunday so limited Internet access. As a result I'd just like to say good luck to everyone that taking part in the Bristol Half Marathon on Sunday.

If you see someone with yellow and black pirate shorts and a CLIC Sargent running vest with number 16068 on do say hello image


  • I am hoping to be along the Portway to catch everyone on the out and back.  If I see you, I shall shout for you image

  • Good luck JvR - I'll be there number 20591. I'll give you a wave if I see you. image

  • Schmunkeee, was great seeing you on the Portway.

    Deepdown, how did your race go? Well I hope.


  • Thanks for asking JvR. Not as well as I'd hoped - I was going well until mile 12 and then I got stomach cramps and had to dive into a friendly cafe to use their facilities!! I was in there for about 20 minutes I think, so my chip time will be rubbish. This quite often happen to me when I run over 10 miles - anyone got any ideas why?

  • Pressed submit too soon - how did your race go JvR?

  • JvR - sorry if you got a weird reaction on the return leg.  You had taken off your cycle jacket and I wasn't sure it was you.  By the time I had checked out your race number you had run on, 

    You seemed to be doing well when I saw you each time.  Did you enjoy it?

  • Deepdown - I'm not sure why your getting stomach cramps but I'm sure that there was a thread with something similar on it a while back.
    My race went well and I managed to beat my PB for the distance by 48 seconds, which was what I'd been aiming to do.

    Schmunkee - Sorry to surprise you on the return leg along the Portway. I recall doing the same thing at Bala a few years ago as I whizzed past while you were taking some pictures image 
    I thoroughly enjoyed the race, suffering for it a bit last night and today. Went off a bit too fast at the beginning and it was in the last mile that I paid for it. Although I did manage to get the adrenaline to kick in and found enough energy to sprint the last couple of hundred metres to get across the line image

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