Glucosamine Sulphate

This has doubtless been asked before, but here goes...

Have been taking Glucosamax for two weeks, 1500mg daily....

For the last 7 days, whenever I eat I feel nauseus and if not that am rushing for the loo!!

Is this normal??? Has anyone else experienced anything similar??


  • is glucosomax just glucosamine...?

    i took a supplement that had vit C too... i was also taking vit tablets at the time..

    the first day i started i was peeing constantly.... no really.. contantly!

    my vit tablets had 100%rda of vitamin C... and the two glucosamine tablets had about 200% each!!!!

    no wonder my body wanted to flush it out.

    as for nausea.. whenever i caught a taste of the stuff .. bleeurgh
  • hmmmm.....glad its not just me!

    These are Glucosamine sulphate!

  • i have trouble taking pills at the best of times.. but these were like torpedos so i had no chance...

    i tried emptying them & taking the powder from inside which was pretty grim.

    then i found these soluble tablet things in holland and barrett... still not altogether pleasant but much better! unfortunately with this obscene amount of vit. c in.

    from my experience constant peeing either means your overhydrated (too many cups of tea at work!) or there's something soluble your body is trying to get rid of.
  • Ed... yes these are like torpedoes too! 1500mg ones!

    I am going to stop taking them for a couple of days and see what happens!!
  • Never had any problems with Glucosamine Sulphate myself - and most people can comfortably tolerate mega-dose vitamin C tablets (often around 1000% of RDA). The vitamin RDAs are after all just a best-guess guideline based on the average sedentary person.

    Several studies have shown that if you are doing intensive exercise then it is beneficial to take much higher doses of anti-oxidants such as vit C than the RDAs suggest.
  • I've been taking glucosamine since last Xmas (knee injury) with no side effects at all at the suggestion of my sports physio. She said to try it for 6 months (that it'd take that long to know if it was helping the knee or not & to drop it if I felt no difference) at a dose of 1000mg. I have to say that I'm having no trouble with the knee at all now (have dropped dose to 500mg just to keep topped up) - hubby has had knee trouble for years (long distance walker who damaged his going over on a "bobby's helmet") which has limited his fellwalking, but he followed my example with the glucosamine and for the first year ever this year has had no trouble with his knee & has been able to up his fellwalking dramatically. Likewise no side effects.
  • I have only been taking this for two weeks, I know its still early days....

    At least the dashing for the loo seems to of subsided, but not the feeling sick!
  • I used to take Glucosamine with Chondroitin with no problem, but now I can't seem to take it. I've tried with food, before and after and I promptly have to go to the loo to be violently sick!. Needless to say, I don't take it anymore!
  • Know this is a bit of an old thread now, but does anyone know where i can get glucosamine more cheaply than the the glucosamax for sale in boots? This is £22 for 1 months supply of 1500mg tablets. any suggestions? incidentally, have been taking them for a month with no side effects... (fingers crossed)
  • That sounds like a high dose. I just get the Tesco's own Glucosamine Sulphate One a Day which are 600mg and cost less than £4 for 30 tablets. So you could take 3 of them (1800mg ) and it'd only cost you £12. or drop down to 1200mg for £8 a month.
    Why such a high dose??


  • Try Holland & Barratt - the full price ones are quite pricey but they often seem to have them in their half price vits & minerals sale. Last ones I bought were Glucosamine & Chondroitin complex (which is more expensive that just Glucosamine) and they had them for £14 for 120 (about six weeks worth if you take 3 a day but I only ever remember 2 so lasts longer). Think they have one of their half price sales on at the moment so worth checking it out?
  • Worth mentioning a few things...
    1) 1500mg because the research published in the Lancet used this dosage. The docs FINALLY caught up with everyone else realising that this stuff DOES work...
    2) Chondroitin does not absorb well at all - barely worth taking...
    3) Glucosamine Hydrochloride is FAR more bio-available so lower doses have greater effects - also encourages natural Chondroitin formation. I get mine from - never had a problem with them.
  • oops sorry, disappeared into work for a bit! yes, the recommended dose is 1500mg/day, anything else is regarded as homeopathic i guess. i didnt know that about the hydrochloride being more bio-available, as the only stuff prescribable is sulphate.... i think... guess the medical world need to catch up on that one. so thanks for the recommendations, though i expect everyone in the world is down the pub now, except me! :( happy halloween!
  • We get all our vit's from Zipvit. It's owned by a runner and offer a good service, prices are great too. Their web address is
  • I know this is an old thread - but I've been taking Glucosamax for 10 days and have been really bloated and sluggish in the stomach. Can I blame the Glucosamax or is it the shock of a healthy diet after the excesses of Xmas???
  • With a name like mine I'm sure I could produce a few reactions to it if that would be helpful :o~
  • Found this at Christian Finn's website Facts about

    One of my symptoms of Hypothyroidism is dodgy blood sugar, so this might be of interest to peeps:

    I have seen some research linking glucosamine with insulin resistance. That said, the study infused glucosamine straight into the blood, rather than providing it orally. I don't know if oral glucosamine supplements would have any negative effect when used for several months. For someone with diabetes (or any other problem with blood sugar control, such as metabolic obesity) it might be a better idea to use chondroitin instead.
  • I took one glucosamine tablet a few months ago and became so nauseous (sp?) and dizzy that I had to leave the restaurent I was in a go lie down in the car. It was about an hour before I could stand up without falling over. I never tried them again.
    But it's interesting what you say about insulin resistance because I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (or a tendancy to low blood sugar) a few years back so perhaps this explains it.
    I won't be trying it again.
  • Had a search through old threads and this is the nearest to what I wanted to ask - but not quite.  Most people seem to be talking more about peeing and bloating.

    I take glucosamine suphate from Boots (750mg one tablet, three times daily) which is within the daily allowance etc.  I tend to take the first one when I get up, on an empty stomach, the middle one mid afternoon and the last one at bed time. However, it makes me feel really sick.  Does taking glucosamine make anyone else feel sick?  Are there different types so that I might change?

  • I've taken the seven seas jointcare capsules before and they never make me feel sick.
  • i try to avoid taking any meds or supplements on an empty stomach as i can feel nauseous and  at least have some bio yoghurt /Actimel or breakfast first before taking anything

    GI disturbance is a common side effect of Glucosamine and some people dont tolerate it as well as others especially in larger doses

  • i've found it very good, knees don't click or ache like they used to. I use 1500 strength from Zipvit, very cheap and seems to work with no side effects. 
  • Buney - so I might find an improvement if I take it with food?  And maybe take less of it as well?  If I continue to feel sick I may be one of the intolerant folk you mention and may be best to give it up as a bad job?

    Thanks for your help.

  • I take the zipvit 1500mg one as well - its the only thing that seems to stop my finger joint aching after I dislocated it last year! Take mine just before I go to bed along with a multivit and I've never noticed any side effects - possibly cos I'm asleep.  I do tend to feel a bit spinny headed and nauseous if I take any supplemets during the day, especially cod liver oil tablets - weird, I know!!

  • 2250mg is a high dose Mouse - maybe try with 1500mg

    i take the Boots ones btw and havent noticed any probs - along with a high strength Cod Liver oil and multivits -first thing in the morning  but usually after a couple of drinks of water and an Actimel

  • When reading 2250mg I thought oops and figured I'd said something wrong  - they're 500mg tablets! image

    Making efforts to take with food now.  Thanks again. 

  • Dont suppose anyone of you is allergic to Shellfish????  my husband is allergic to all fish and has to take vegetarian glucosamine which is twice the price.  Taking normal glucosamine made him very sick.
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