Pulled ankle tendons

I pulled a tendon in my ankle in August. Unfortunately meaning I've had to drop out of running the Great North Run this year(would have been my 4th)
I guess I'm lucky, as having run the London Marathon the last 3 years and being over 16 stone this is my first serious injury. Can anyone suggest the best stretches I could do for this injury as the doctor was vague!, and am I ok cycling as I'm really missing running?


  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I did the same thing in July ... exercises? did lots of ankle rotations, lots of pointing toe up and down, lots of standing on tiptoes and dropping onto heels.

    Cycling should be fine, unless it increases the swelling. I cycle on a road bike and the only problem I had was kicking my foot out of the cleats at the end of the ride. I'd always ice my ankle after I'd done any sort of exercise, and carried on doing this for a couple of months after the injury.

    Mr B made me a wobble board and I'm using that most days to strngthen my ankle, but apparently you shouldn't use one too early in your rehabilitation.

    Two and a half months later I'm pretty much back to normal, although if I do turn my ankle while I'm walking or whatever I'm still aware that the injury is 'there'.
  • An excercise that I got on well with was to:
    1. Stand facing a wall with both hands against the wall at about shoulder height (elbows bent).
    2. Place the toes of one foot so that they are about an inch or so from the wall and place your other foot behind you.
    3. Bring the knee of the foot which is close to the wall forward until it touches the wall.
    4. This will start to stretch the ankle.You may find this quite easy so as you feel more comfortable just bring your toes back a little more each time you stretch and eventually you will be able to move them further and further back.

    Hope this makes sense.
    It was recommended to me by a physio and I have found it to help.
  • Thanks LizzyB and Hobble Goblin I'm now iceing and stretching (yes it did make sense)
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