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  • Hi All! This is going to be my first marathon, I ran the Royal Parks half marathon in 1hr 52 mins - does anyone have any tips for speeding up (I want to aim for 3hrs 45 for the VLM) like gels and stuff? I've heard of them but never used them, can anyone recommend a brand?

    I also have a charity place, so have the joy of raising £2200 in the next 6 months - totally worth it though as it is for Make-A-Wish foundation. (if anyone fancies donating would be much appreciated - www.justgiving.com/ahshasmarathon)

  • Hi Ahsha, I think the gels just keep you going by replenishing your energy supplies and stop you 'hitting the wall'. I don't know that they make you faster. I have heard it is best to try the gels before the race itself. I have heard of some horrible side effects if you get one that does not agree with you such as cramping stomach and well.. think diralyte and you will get the drift. I have my first half marathon in November - hope i can do it as fast as you! What training plan have you been following to date?

  • Hi all, got my final half marathon of the year on Sunday, then one 10k race mid-November and then I'm good to go - full on training mode.  Has anyone got any pre-London races planned? I'll be doing the Brass Monkey Half in York and the Silverstone Half.

  • This'll be my first VLM so looking forward to it.

    Gaz - Already booked Paddock Wood HM and am debating Reading HM. The thought of running around Silverstone sounds romantic but pretty sure i'd be bored senseless 2 miles in but agree it's well placed as a VLM warm up.

  • I have gosport half marathon booked for later this month (my first half marathon) and Brighton half marathon in Feb. Between them I hope to have a good indication of my marathon pace as this will be my first marathon image

  • My Charity place image has just arrived, so I am VLM for the first time next year image I had Silverstone HM (I did the 10K this year) and Reading HM both booked anyway, and I have just checked my training plan and they actually fit into the schedule quite well, The 10K was geat lots of interesting running around thinking Jenson broke down there...and there and there..... wifey loved it as well as she is more a F1 fan than I am.


  • Hi Everyone,

    I got a place through the ballot at the 1st time of asking.

    It'll be my 1st VLM but my 2nd marathon, having ran this years Edinburgh in 3hrs 59min.

    I didn't really train much for that (due to injuries image) so am hoping that I can do London in a lot less.



  • Ahsha- I use gels for any race longer than an hour and then take them every 40mins. I've always used  Lucozade gels but they are unavailable at the moment and a new version is apparently coming out in the new year- luckily I have a box of them!  Some people say gels make no difference, but even if its a placebo effect, I'll still take them!  But do use them on your longer training runs, partly to make sure your stomach is OK with them, partly to practice taking them on the run.  If you are going to use them, you'll need a belt to carry them in-I use one made by SiS.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hello folks.  The forum 6 competition is now open:


    Have you been shunned by Asics?

    Stuck in a training rut?

    Got a marathon place and can only run round the block??

    Busy busy busy and no time to train??

    I have six lovely mentors all lined up and chomping at their Mizunos to get involved

    All you have to do is to tell us why you should be given the prize of the millenium


    Should not threaten to harm small animals
    Should not send people to sleep or need a screen break

    It will contain your hopes for a marathon time
    It will contain your marathon entry confirmed
    It will contain a brief running history of recent times and pb's

    We would love to hear all about YOU, strengths, weaknesses and limitations


    This thread will close on Monday 17th December and then Kittenkat and her esteemed Adjudicator(s) will cogitate the pitches and we will then announce the LUCKY SIX on Christmas Eve

    Asics 6??  As they said on Channel 4 ... thanks for the warm up     image

    Click on the link below to be taken to the pitching page.....


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