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Hi, I did a quick search and nothing really came back so I was wondering if anyone could help me? I've been running on and off for over a year or so now on the treadmill, usually just doing about 5k but on occasion running 10k at a comfortable pace for me but as the weather is getting cooler and I am about to move back to the UK, I figured I would take to running round the compound where I currently live until I get back home and start running round the city and parks. Sounds good, however I am feeling it hard within minutes even though I feel I am around the same sort of pace I maintain on the treadmill for a steady run. I'm not sure if it is the heat or humidity (I'm on the east coast of Saudi) but its demoralising really. I'm by no means an athlete but I wouldn't consider myself a lazy unfit slob either, but after years of avoiding any exercise I could, I am currently trying to get 'army fit' and I thought I was on course to achieve this until recent outdoor runs. With this in mind, can anyone suggest any hints or tips that might help me out here? Has anyone experienced something similar?


  • Most people I know have the opposite problem, treadmill running is really hard work comapred with outside running.

    I assume it is to do with the heat.

    Same advice as most other newbies to running would get (even though you are not) - build up slowly and at an easy pace and persevere.

  • Slow down, it's easier to run at speed on a treadmill you probably are going to quick, just relax go st about 2/3rds the pace and see how it goes, you can build up pace over time.
  • I'll try slowing it down tonight, cheers for the advice. image
  • Hiya, if you've only run on a treadmill,  take heart.  I'm not expert on the mechanics, but the leg action is not identical when running on a treadmill and outside.  The striking foot gets pulled backwards on the belt of a treadmill, affecting all the biomechanics, and the hamstrings especially behave differently...Give yourself time to adapt.  Your heart and lungs will be fine, just your muscles need to get used to it.

  • was your treadmill set with an incline? you normally need about 3% to simulate the windresistance outside. 10kmh on a flat treadmill is easier than 10kmh outside...



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  • your thinkning too much, just get out there and take your time. simple

  • Hi, sorry about a lack of posting, moving countries and a chest infection got in the way! I am now back in the UK and been for two morning runs, both of which were nowhere near as bad. I guess it was just the climate and the dust that was causing me issues, although hills are something new!

    Cheers for the advice folks!
  • Hi - I saw you are trying to get "Army Fit" - There is a website that offers a great training plan to improve fitness and running ability. the main website is and they have a free ebook, and lots of other posts aimed at passing selection tests - I thought it may be of use to you or someone else looking for something similar!




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