Kenyan runners using drugs?


  • As a big cycling fan I've learnt over the years that if something is unbleievable, it isn't normally true.  The kenyans have been super dominant over the last few years to an almost unbelievable extent.  Cyclng has had a real culture change over the last few years, you wonder if athletics is next.

  • Would be very sad if true. I havent seen any more coverage than the BBC report quoted above?Anyone found any good links?

    Were Wiggins performances in TDF & Olympics unbelievable?What about Mo Farah his performances were equally unbelievable? Surely both were not drug induced?

    Remember that Bannisters 4 minute mile was unbelievablemat the time? 

  • Wiggins performance was workman like and well within the believable. Going back a few years we used to see things in cycling that just didn't seem possible. I'm sure that there must still be huge amounts of doping in most sports where fitness is a major contributing factor in success. I'm always suspicious of sports with low levels of positive tests. Football and rugby are probably good examples of this.
  • Football and rugby are very interesting indeed with regards to drugs. One arguement being that because of the mix of skill,speed,endurance,strength etc. required that there are no drugs that can improve performance? Not sure I buy that but it does make it more difficult however I am sure the clever scientists could come up with something?! 


  • Obviously footballers will be using drugs.

    Look at the wages they get. An extra turn of speed or endurance would be a benefit and boost their worth.

    Their drug tests are very rare so the odds are very much in their favour.

    And look at the operation puerto case in Spain. Lots of sportsmen involved but only the cyclists identities revealed. How odd.
  • The sudden spate of heart attacks on the football field last year made me wonder if something was going on.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Wasn't there that investigation in Italy when it became known that an inordinate number of ex-footballers (50) had died prematurely?

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