worried about half marathon

I am not new to running but new to a half marathon and i am not looking forward to it. I need to know really about what my diet should be in the days or weeks leading up to the race which is in Cardiff on the 14th October. I have run 4 or 5 10k runs without any probs, and did the Swansea bay 10k last weekend. Not only diet, should i be using enery gels to boost my energy levels, and if so which ones? Any advice would be welcome, i am not interested in a fast time, i just want to complete the race by running all the way. Thanks Tony R 


  • Eat drink as you would normally. You should not need energy gels to get you through a hm.

    If you really are that worried then prepare yourself mentally. Know the pace at which you can run it. Don't attempt to run any faster, keep it comfortable. Just get used to the distance.

    If time is not important then try to start mid pack, this will help prevent you from setting off too fast. Don't worry about what others around you are doing, go at your own pace.

    relax and enjoy.

  • Thanks for your reply, perhaps i am worrying too much but i need to complete the run for my own personal target, and shouldnt put too much pressure on myself.

  • Hi Tony, I'll be there at the Cardiff HM as well after completing the Swansea 10k.  Cardiff was my first HM a few years ago.

    Have a look at the mcmillan pace calculator to give you a predicted time for the HM and then add on a bit extra.  For example a 50 min 10k would come out at 1:51.30, so aiming  for a sub 2 hour HM should be achievable.

    They will be a energy drink just after half-way (think its SIS) so this will be a welcome boost

  • Thanks for your reply, ihave just come back from a 12 mile road run, which is the longest i have done in years, only ever run 10k. Walking upstairs to go in the shower was fine, but walking down them again, christ i feel about 150 !!!. I will try and run another long run before the 14th, but i have to be careful not to over do it, but i needed to prove to myself i could do it. Feeling a bit more positive now, thanks.

  • I am no expert here as will be running my own first HM on same day(different one) but all the advice I have been given is that you should do your longest run 2-3 weeks before the event.

    I have only done 12 miles in training but am assured if you can run 12 you can run 13.1!

    Oh and on the nutrition said am just planning to eat as normally would. I will however slip some jelly babies (hated gels when I ran years ago) into my pocket in case I need a wee energy boost. Here I am working on the Umbrella principle i.e. if I have them I won't need them!

    Good luck for 14th!

  • Agree with T.Mouse you don't need Gels for a HM.  I don't even have any water in some HMs other times just a few swigs.  Just make sure you gear up properly plasters for your nipples, and vaserline to stop chaffing, enjoy the race let us know how you get on !! good luck..

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