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I used to do a lot of swimming as a kid and would like to get back into it. Problem is that now I wear contacts so need a good pair of swimming goggles, only every time I get some, they never seem to work properly and water gets in. Anyone know where i can go where the staff actually know what they are talking about, and can help me find a pair that fit my face properly.


  • I think it's just trial and error skipp.

    Everyone's face/head shape is different, so you need to try them on until you get a good seal.

    Have you tried those with prescription lenses?
  • No I haven't Juliejoo, are they really expensive? I wouldn't even know where to go to get some, do you use them?
  • they're cheap.... not the best design often.. try vision express or similar.. they have standard 0.5increment lenses.

    always try goggles in the shop... see if they're comfy round ur eyes... and that you can get a bit of suction even on dry skin...
    says me who's only ever owned 3 pairs of goggles. :)
  • skipp, i wear contacts and have no probs with goggles.

    basically, i find if i go to a sports shop, put the eye bits on, but not the strap over your head, and just feel for comfort. When you wear them the strap should be tight enough (but not cut the circulation off to your face) to hold a good seal, but as Jj says, it is to some extent trial and error. I get on well with most speedo styles, and always buy a pair with adjustable noe bit, although other people find the all in one moulded silicone ones best.

    Prescription goggles are expensive, and if you're as blind as i am then you a) can't see the changing rooms when you take them off after your session, and b) can't take them off to do kick drills etc.
  • (maybe i found prescrip goggs expensive due to slight astigmatism
  • i don't skipp, but know people who do.

    Quick phone call to mate says some pretty strong ones from a high street optician (Optika) cost £30.
  • no astigmatism
  • Thanks Moosey, although I am preety blind as well. I have tried a couple of pairs of speedo ones and although they feel comfortable enough when trying them on, water always seems to seep through around the bottom, and i don't think i have the strap too loose, so i always end up taking them off. I would like to go somewhere where the staff actually swim themselves and can help me, but wherever i have asked, the goggles are always packaged so you are unable to try them on.
  • That amazes me JJ, maybe i shall give that a go. How can optical stores charge that for swimming goggles, when they manage to charge me £150 for lenses only, without even the frames. My eyes are that bad compared to other peoples and i have no astigmatism!
  • maybe you could save money by wearing goggles instead of lenses?

    skipp, see if lifeguards at your pool will let you experiment with goggles left behind in lost property, i'm sure they will if you explain that you are trying to find a good fit.
  • they're cheap cos they're standard lenses to the nearest 0.5 of a thingy.

    don't wear glasses or anything but i stole my wife's prescription and got her some :)
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I've always had the leaky goggle thing, even with really expensive goggles, but hubby has just bought some Speedo goggles which came with a choice of nose pieces - you just play around with them until you find the one that fits best. As a result, his goggles let no water in at all.

    He doesn't wear lenses though, so they're wasted on him :(

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I wear contact lenses, but as they are the daily disposable ones, a little chlorine doesn't matter, because they're getting chicked away anyway. I do take my specs in my kitbag to the pool, in case the lenses feel irritated afterwards, but I've never had to use them.

    I've never lost a lens, even swimming without goggles (although I do tend to do the screwed up eye thing with no goggles).

    I have adidas goggles now, and they have been pretty good so far.
  • Thanks Lizzy, Im gonna get a pair of those.
  • Nessie, mine are dailys as well, but i always manage to lose one in the pool, and have to find my way home with only one eye. Where did you get the adidas ones from? Do you fins them better then speedo ones?

  • Have you tried the "large" goggles that seal onto your face rather than around the eye socket - look a bit like a divers mask.

    Not as sexy or streamlined as normal goggles but seem to do the trick.

    See www.triuk.com

  • This might sound a little cock-eyed (excuse pun) but often the leaking is a result of having them on too tight. You mention above that your goggles are not "too loose" - perhaps conversely they might be too tight.
    I wear contact lenses I understand exactly where you are coming from - and the above is how I over come the irritation of leaking. I tend to lose goggles at a rate of a pair every 3 months or so and I find Speedo the best.
  • I have tried almost every style and shape of regular goggles and just can't find ones I can wear contacts with without some water getting in. I know use one of the larger style ones like mini diving masks - absolutely no leakage. You should really give them a go. Try the Tri UK web-site. Adidas also do a version of it that is available in a lot of the mainstream "sports" shops
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Skip, I got the Adidad ones from *gasp* JJB. The model is (for reasons best know to Adidas) "Missionary", and they are black with dark tinted lenses. I've had them for ages and rarely leak (i.e. only when I've put them on in a hurry).

    I find Speedo ones leave me with Panda eyes, probably because I seem to have to put them on really tight to get them to seal. The Adidas feel much more comfortable.
  • I use Speedo and Tyr goggles, haven't had a problem with either sort. Mr. IW uses them too, and the new Seal mask goggles for long open water swims.
  • IW - what advantage do you get with tha masks?
  • you get to look like a space cadet.

    sorry, i mean... even _more_ like a space cadet.
  • Any advice on how to avoid the marks left round my eyes from the goggles? I've tried loosening them, but then they leak. I use Speedo ones btw.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Talking of goggles ... a friend and her daughter had a high speed collision in the pool last night - 10 year old's goggles connected with mum's shoulder... wow, you should have seen the bruises. Especially on the shoulder. Never realised that goggles could be used an offensive weapon.

    both are OK, btw but I think will be carrying the battlescars for a few days!
  • have you seen the damage you can do with hand paddles ? !!!!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    No, but I bet it's bad! I kicked hubby in the chest while I was doing breast-stroke the other week. Wow, what a bruise. never realised I had such a hard kick
  • They wont let me use my hand paddles in case i kill someone
  • and they're probably right.. the speed you go ;)

    i got all out of sync with the main sets last night and ended up pushing off for a swimming drill into someone doing kick.. had some near misses!
  • Will - John says using the Seal mask gives you much more all-around vision, which is great in open water.

    EdM - paddles can be dangerous, John and another swimmer collided head-on and John got such a bad cut on his shoulder he still has a scar there more than 2 years after!
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