Real food post run

Morning all, 

It's a glorious day here after a miserable week and I'm just back from a tough (for me anyway) fartlek session, life is good. 

I've read about the importance of getting protein and carbs in soon after a run for recovery, but there's something in me that's reluclant to use protein shakes or specially marketed recovery snacks. I can't help thinking they're probably a rip off and too full of artificial stuff.

How does a glass of orange juice followed by a glass of milk sound? 

Any recomendations?



  • I think you've answered the question in your thread title.  Any ''real'' food will do.  I tend to coincide my runs with meal times, so mid-week run after work followed by dinner, or a mid-morning run at the weekend followed by lunch.  Assuming you're eating a healthy diet anyway, there's no real need to be too prescriptive.  I could tell you to go and eat a tuna sandwich or a jacket potato with beans, but if you fancy a bowl of cereal...

    If you're not going to have a proper meal straight afterwards, really any snack ideas with protein/carb mix will do.  I'll often have a banana and a choccy milk after a very long run, to top up before a Sunday roast a bit later.  I like Sundays.

  • Choklit milk or muller rice for me as a snack. I can't eat straight after a run as I feel a bit sick, then the moment passes and often I forget to eat!

  • Same as PhilPub really.  I coincide runs with mealtimes.

    Morning runs are normally followed by porridge or bacon;

    Lunchtime - sandwich;

    Evening - normal dinner.

    If I am honest, I used to do a bit of cycling and once bought a big tub of protein recovery drink.  That was about three years ago and I still have half of it left.  If I get home after a tough session and feel that I need a bit of a hit to give me the energy to cook something, or if we are going out for lunch maybe then I'll have a glass of that, but generally it's just normal food.

    My laymans opinion is that unless you are really 'pushing the envelope' of what your body is capable of then anything more than a balanced healthy diet is unnecessary.

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