London Marathon 2013: Go down Friday or Saturday?

Now its confirmed im in the London Marathon 2013 Im looking at hotels.  I'm oop north in Yorkshire. Would you go down Friday or Saturday? Just thinking if I go down Saturday might risk being tired etc or dehydration etc from the travel. For all you who have to stay over in London what day do you go down?

I went down in 2011 on the Friday and all was fine,  April 2012 I went down on the Saturday and ended up peeing blood by mile 16 and it all fell apart, needing toilet every 5 minutes etc and just wondered if the travel on the Saturday played a part in all this.



  • i'm planning to go on the Friday, but its my first time and I don't want to add pressure to the Saturday of travelling, and either carrying my bags to the expo or detouring to the hotel en route to the expo etc..

    If I was you, and had your past experience, I wouldn't want to travel on the Saturday just in case the same thing happened again!


  • I've always gone down Saturday and never peed blood.

    You must be doing something massively wrong for that. Find out what and don't do it again. As to dehydration from travelling - take a bottle of water with you ?

    If you train and prepare properly it's no problem to travel the day before.
  • Did you drive or take the train last year. Train should be more restful.
  • Train, its a 2 hour journey fro Leeds. Always go first class as i book in advance so dirt cheap.

  • We used to drive down on Saturday but now we get the train, it's such a good service these days. Never had any ill effects.

    Even in a good hotel, you don't sleep as well as at home do you, so I'd rather not have two restless nights before the race myself.

    I keep promising myself to get a cheap ticket and go to the expo on the Wednesday though, it would be nice to lie in on Saturday and take a late train, stroll to hotel and sleep.
  • I am from the North West (Bolton) will be looking do go down on Friday after work,but my wife is a Teacher so may have to get back ASAP on Sunday

    Not sure if I should get the Train or drive,especially when thinking about the return journey ( what time I finish the Marathon and getting to Euston)
  • Warkie I've got the train a couple of times back on the Sunday.

    Hardest part is getting off the train after sitting down for two hours or so !

    Plenty of time to finish the race and go for a drink/meal after.

    Just don't book the train time too early ? It's going to be much easier on the train than driving I'd think.
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