even fitter club Tuesday 1st

New month, new start---
Shame im on call
very short early morning run today, ruined by man with dog
Cant seem to manage more than 2 miles at present, hope Ill be ok for GNR
Off on call now,definitely chips tonite to stay awake
Have a good day, all
See you tomorrow


  • I still can't find V-rap - which page please EP? Therapy day today (them seeing me, not me seeing mine!), and lots of paperwork. Got a mild tummy bug at present (it's doing the rounds in Surrey) so not much interested in food.........
  • I'll go check!
  • I shall deny it anyway - I'm really that pretty girl on the cover.
  • Had a hugely busy day yesterday - to the point of not being able to post weigh-in/fitness update.

    Haven't done any formal form of exercise all week. Had a pretty tough week. I last managed to run 5K two weeks ago today which I suppose isn't so bad considering I've started chemo since then.

    Anyway, I'm going to try and get to the gym today and take the doggie out too.

    Weight - was up to 13st last week which was a dramatic increase of 7lbs on previous weight but I was also taking steroids. I'm afraid it hasn't dropped that much but I've a feeling this is more to do with impending TOTM next week now rather than anything else. I think actual weight is still havering between 12'7 and 12'9.

    Not sure now what my total loss so far is because the weight has fluctuated so wildly recently. But at least it's not still falling drastically and the gentle loss is more welcome :)
  • Cath, hello! Great to see you venturing back here again. Glad you're back in action and sounding chirpy. And you're doing well not to pile weight on with the steroids. I was having visions of the inflatable head having to be restored...
  • Hey all. I'm up in Chester this week doing Granny-sitting duties. Means I can fit in a run every day. Just a 5-miler each day because of race at weekend.

    Hope everyone is well.
  • Weigh in day - lost 0.5lbs - so thats 2lbs in the last 5 weeks! My drinking is under control (ish) only one blow out in each of the last two weeks - so its time I looked at eating less processed foods and more fruit and veg.

    Cath you astonish me - well done.
  • Mij, EP, well done.

    I've just been for a maintenance run (the sort you don't really need according to the article in this month's RW, but I'm tapering and my legs didn't feel like doing speedwork today). Meant to do 5 miles but added a twiddly bit on at the end to make it 7. Lots of people talked to me, just to prove not ALL Brummies are mouldy sourmilks. Legs slightly leaden, gut VERY leaden (note to self: do not have carrot and butterbean soup, four slices of wholemeal bread including the two doorstops, and a plate of homemade compote at 9pm on the night before a race).

    Now all I need to do is have my eyebrows plucked and my teeth veneered and grow my hair a bit longer, and I'll look just like my photo.
  • Hello everyone,
    I've been good today (so far..), but have had a horrible experience with scrambled eggs.. I went out this morning & came back starving, so decided to have some scrambled eggs. Cooked it and just going to add some pepper to it when the top came off the pepper (like the advert..) and half the contents of the pot fell into the scrambled egg.. (the air turned a vivid shade of blue in my kitchen!!!) and I didn't have any more eggs..!! Had to try & get all the bits of ground black pepper off of the eggs, so by the time I'd tried to do that, eggs were cold! So, is this how the rest of the day is gonna go then?? Anyway, tried to eat it but tasted disgusting & mouth feels like it's on fire with the overdose of pepper.. so I've had some fruit instead!
    Hope you are all having a much better day than me!!!
    Michelle x
  • Want an egg, Michelle? I had seventeen in my fridge when I last counted (Mr V-rap and three of the kids love omelettes and fried eggs; Angelmouse has inherited my egg-hating gene). The moral of the story is, always use a grinder! The pepper tastes better, too.

    I hope the rest of your day is much better.

    Tapering belongs in the same breath as carbo-loading, so I've broken into a bag of toffees. Going out for dinner tonight with colleagues, but that's not till half-past seven and I'd be eating my keyboard if I tried to wait that long. Worked out that nine toffees will replace half of the calories I used on my run. That will keep me chewing until afternoon surgery starts. An extra pudding tonight will replace the other half, and if anyone comes up with the usual smart comments about how much I seem to pack away, I shall give them one of Kevin's sponsor forms and stand over them while they write the cheque.
  • Well, didn't make the gym. But I have a whole load of excuses :) Mainly I ran out of time and didn't want to drive to Liverpool in rush hour traffic. Also I have to admit, I ran out of steam as well - I've done loads today so I think I deserve giving it a miss today - I've left my bag packed so I can go after going to see the Dr tomorrow.

    So instead I ended up cleaning the house (hoovering, dusting, bathroom cleaning, washing, ironing etc etc etc); cleaning and washing the car; going shopping (bought my RW) and I've still to take Oscar out. Also, if I've any puff left after tea, I'll get on my step machine then :)

    But, I've also been naughty - had a bag of crisps today :) I'm glad to see you're all doing well!!
  • Oh and I also bought what I think is a good buy - "Yoga in a box" - a book and series of picture cards - just to get started with and then I'm going to go to the class they have at my health club :)
  • Cath I read in yesterdays paper that housework makes you depressed, tomorrow go to the gym, if it's written in black and white it must be true, nice to have you back sounding more like yourself.
  • V-Rap, I also have a major problem fitting in enough food... as I am up in Chester looking after my gran my aunt filled the fridge with what she reckoned was enough food for the week. It's only Tuesday and I have to go shopping tomorrow for more pasta, fruit, vegetables and bottled water... gran is shocked that I eat so much but being a typical gran is more than happy to keep shoveling the food down my gob.

    Been doing a fair bit of training and less drinking than usual over the past month or so. Weighed in today at 12st 4lbs. Think that's the lightest I have been since I was about 14 and I would only have brushed past that weight on my way up to the 18st7lbs mark. I remember how much I used to hate standing on the scales and the only time I would do it was when I went to the doctors. Now I can't get enough of the scales.

    Good luck with everyone's eating and training today.
  • just a short note to remind everyone not to eat too many prunes!

    Saw that dried fruit is v. good and went for it.

    Currently got the collywobbles!

    Still ran v. fast tonight. (Sorry!)
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